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3 Easy Tips to Get Greater Coverage on YouTube

YouTube has constantly evolved over the years. Initially, it was dominated by users posting funny animal videos and people doing other random...

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YouTube has constantly evolved over the years. Initially, it was dominated by users posting funny animal videos and people doing other random stuff. Today, YouTube has become a vital digital marketing platform for all kinds of businesses. 

People across the world watch over a billion hours of videos on YouTube. This is more than Facebook and Netflix put together. In this blog, we will teach you 3 easy methods to get greater coverage on YouTube that will help in building your brand and subsequently boosting your sales.

Produce Engaging Content

You may use as many ads or hacks as you may wish. However, if the content of your videos is not good, it will be of no use. So how do you make compelling content on YouTube that will generate a high volume of views? A good way to do this is to make ‘how-to’ content.

Engagement is how committed your audience is to your content. It’s usually measured or monitored by the actions your audience takes while consuming that content. Suppose your video is on YouTube and a person watching likes the video or leaves a comment about the topic, this would show that they’re engaged.

To prevent boredom and keep it away, we need to find solutions at home that provide lasting meaning and challenge.

Embrace Controversy. Some businesses make it a point to stay away from controversy.

All you need to do is to figure out what your target audience wants to know. Once you do that, make videos that present a solution to their queries. This is a tried and tested formula for YouTube videos. Making such videos will ensure your channel gathers a loyal fan base.

Entice Viewers to Add Your Channel to Their Subscription List

It is often said that your old clients are your best new clients. Retaining existing customers is a great way to expand your enterprise. The same is the case with a YouTube channel.

It is far easier to convince your existing viewers to watch your content over attracting new viewers. Asking your viewers to add your channel to their subscription list will lead to an increase in viewership of every new content that you publish. But how can you convince your viewers to add your channel to their subscription list?

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. So the greatest way to get subscribers is to simply request them to subscribe. You can do this Call-to-Action (CTA) once when the video starts and then again as the video concludes.

However, simply asking them to subscribe will not be enough. You also need to prompt your viewers to click on the bell icon so they will get notified every time you publish something on your channel.

After a viewer becomes a subscriber to your channel, they will be notified whenever you publish new content. Growing your subscription base is key to generating a higher number of free views on YouTube.

Make Playlists to Maintain Engagement

Here is what YouTube has to say about playlists:

“Top-performing brands on YouTube build and promote twice as many playlists as the bottom 25%.”

So how do they perform so well? The secret lies in Auto-play. When your YouTube videos are on auto-play, you will need to make an effort to distract yourself from those videos. Our cognitive bias of ‘loss aversion kicks in when our videos are on auto-play.

Loss aversion theories state the discomfort of losing anything is two times as worse as the happiness derived from receiving the same thing. You will feel a lot more pain if during a bet you lose $50 as opposed to gaining $50.

Auto-play creates a situation where instead of thinking ‘Should I click on play to watch the next video?’, you are forced to think ‘Do I want to skip the next video by closing the YouTube app?’ It is a subtle, yet powerful way to get your viewers to continue watching your content. And sure enough, if you produce quality content, people will keep on watching one video after the other. Playlist titles present a chance to leverage keywords. So creating playlists will boost your search rankings on YouTube.

Summing Up

YouTube is a flourishing platform for video content creators. However, it is important to have a promotion strategy in place before you start making videos for a living. Follow the tips mentioned here to make your YouTube channel successful.

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