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Owning a vehicle is more of a need than a mere want. It allows one to reach the destination on time while...

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Owning a vehicle is more of a need than a mere want. It allows one to reach the destination on time while skipping the traffic and changing multiple public routes. Just like how these vehicles can add value to your busy life, they require the same level of care to keep running smoothly. This stretches far more than the working condition of the moving parts and includes the in-depth interior and exterior cleaning of the car. One can choose to do it on their own, or even better visit a car service Dubai center.

Of the many famous exotic cars, Volkswagen remains a viable option. This is primarily due to its outstanding performance and affordability factor that has earned it a huge fan following. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the car care tips required to keep it running longer.

1.      General Care Tips

While the car care routine can vary from low-key to a rather detailed approach, there is a quick routine check that all Volkswagen owners can do themselves. It begins by clearing up the car’s surface and eliminating any leaves, and other visible debris. These are also present under the wipers, around the hood, and in any such spaces. The simple presence of these elements can drastically downgrade the beauty of your car, thereby it’s important to clean them away.

Along with that, one can also check the quality of the wipers. You will know the effectiveness of the wipers if they are not sweep-cleaning the wind-screen. It indicates a need to change the rubbers and ensure clear visibility when on road.

Moreover, one can always take a walk around the car and try to see any paint patches. Any small patch of paint can simply become a starting point for the rust to begin and give the car’s exterior an unpleasant look. Therefore, make sure to keep a check on your car and pay regular visits to the workshop for timely repairs.

2.      Wheel Specifications

Since the tires roll the most and also carry the weight of the car, they tend to wear out after a year or so. The durability depends on several factors including how one drives the car, road conditions, temperature levels, and braking style. Even if one takes adequate care, the tires will slowly expire away. And at that time, make sure you replace them with the right ones.

Generally speaking, Volkswagen has 15 inch Aspen Wheels that exude elegance and style. Another famous one is the 18-inch Montauk Wheel, whose modern design and diamond-cut accents make it bold and beautiful. However, just make sure to pick the one that matches your default tire’s tread depth, size, and other necessary specifications. After all, the right tire can greatly contribute towards a seamlessly perfect drive down the road.

3.      Clear Windows

One cannot talk about clear visibility and safe drive with unclear windows. Any sign of dirt on the windows can greatly hinder the visibility factor, and when combined with the flashy headlights of opposite vehicles can cause great hindrance.

Moreover, washing off any bug remains, bird droppings, mud, dirt, salt, and even water spots, helps you see what’s in front, at your sides, and behind you. It is also suggested to use 3M Glass Cleaner, available at any car wash shop. Also, don’t forget to check your windshield washer fluid and replace wiper blades should they appear damaged or ineffective.

4.      Wheels and Rims

Wheels are the only part of the vehicle that comes in direct contact with the road. It also means that it is the first point of contact with all the dust, dirt, and debris particles that accumulate on the road surface. Along with that, we have commonly seen dust being thrown on the car’s bottom exterior body. Therefore, the car owners need to wash and brush out all the dirt on the wheel.

Moreover, car wash experts always suggest that one should begin with washing the tires away first. This eliminates all the major accumulation of the dirt and reduces the chance of dirt to spread back on the car’s surface again.

During this time, if you can see any cuts or worn-out tread, pay a quick visit to tires Dubai center and get it eliminated.

The Takeaway

Owning Volkswagen brings you a step closer to your dream. However, it is not everything on its own. Rather, it requires proper repair and maintenance for a smooth experience. One can begin to do it themselves, or visit any car service station for professional assistance. After all, a clean car says a lot about the personality of the owner. And it is always wise to send a positive message to the spectators. 

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