A Guide to the Best Hoteling Practices Through Office Hoteling System

The Hoteling app is the go-to solution for office spaces that are limited. It’s perfect for workplaces with more employees than desks....

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The Hoteling app is the go-to solution for office spaces that are limited. It’s perfect for workplaces with more employees than desks. In addition, there’s lots of flexibility and benefits you can take advantage of this design.

The concept of hoteling in the office requires an appropriate strategy, too. If there isn’t a good design for the coordination of desk assignments it’s just going to create chaos. As a professional, there is a good chance that you would not like desks that are doubled up. Many of them are unoccupied often. The employees will be lost in the usual arrangement of the seating. If you are planning to make office hotels a space-saving strategy, the most effective strategies are worth looking into.

1. Integrate booking and management

The first item on the priority list is investing in efficient hotel software. It is essential to manage the entire process of booking at the hotel desk as a key element to make everything run smoothly. Here are some of the essential aspects to consider when selecting the best software for your needs:

Interactive 3D Floor Maps

Make your business more flexible and efficient. Having software that enables your team members to see what desks are available physically makes everything easy and convenient. Also, knowing who sits where is essential to make collaboration more efficient.

MS Outlook Integration

Software that merges with MS Outlook or MS Exchangemakes all reservations viewable in one place. You will need a meeting room schedule software­ that ties into your communication platforms and other pre-existing systems. It makes scheduling and reservation easy and error-free.

Mobile Accessibility

If you have a large group of team members, accessible software from any mobile device is also essential. It helps you accommodate all users to book their space wherever they are and at any time of the day.

Aside from these, your software should be user-friendly, cloud-based, real-time, and customizable. All of these features allow you to work smoothly and make necessary changes without disrupting your workflow.

Also, consider the people using your software. When centralizing desk hoteling and management, you must also have a single point of contact for your team members. It contains the necessary knowledge regarding hotel desking policies. The conference room manager can also be the contact center for queries about the work and the software.

2. Establish a Booking Process

An appropriate booking process makes the office hoteling effective. After you’ve got your system set up and a person running it, now it’s time to establish a booking process. To begin, here are some straightforward, organized, and simple system basic examples:

Team members without a desk yet must report to the facilities manager upon arrival. Managers must check the system and ensure everyone has their desk for the work shift. After each shift, team members need to sign out or ensure the manager is aware of their check out.

Implementing a standardized process and the best office hoteling software is essential to ensure you don’t skip any step in the process.

office hoteling app

3. Implement Wayfinding and Label Desks Clearly

Wayfinding is also vital in any hotel setup. Desks and areas clearly labeled will help your team members find their spaces easily. You can opt to have physical signage, but digital wayfinding is much better. Here are some of the best practices in wayfinding: Label hotel desks in a uniform fashion. This way, users get familiar with spaces, whether it is through a number or color-coding. Relay wayfinding information and instructions through email, such as linking a floor plan or providing directions. Create a searchable and easily accessible directory that updates real-time

4. Set Expectations

Set expectations with your office hoteling system. You surely want a standardized and in order setup when dealing with spaces. Here are a few of the things worth considering: Having a cleaning policy or a reset process for shared desks ensuring each space looks fresh and welcoming for everyone after each use. Maintaining clear and straightforward communication between team members knowing who to contact when they have any concerns or need something. Providing a hotel desk manual or policy document that answers frequently asked questions and address all possible concerns

5. Integrate IT systems

Nowadays, technology is critical for successful office hoteling. The rule of thumb says that each desk must have a computer, internet connection, and access to any software system in the office.

In transitioning from the traditional office setup to the modern office hoteling, there will be many challenges. You can’t plan everything at once, but the right tools and technology will help you find a way amidst any setback. Growing companies usually encounter problems with managing their workspaces, especially during a pandemic. People are observing safety protocols, and these include social distancing. If you plan to use an office hoteling system, ensure to choose one wisely and follow the best practices provided above.

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