Are you trying to Configure or manage the TP Link wireless router?

The TP Link wireless router is compatible with all wireless router devices. With the tp link wifi router you receive higher wireless...

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TP Link wireless router

The TP Link wireless router is compatible with all wireless router devices. With the tp link wifi router you receive higher wireless transmission rates and derived from 802.11 wireless standards. You can switch from the traditional wifi router to this device. It provides an upgraded wireless network and delivers a speedy wifi internet connection. You not only get a fast connection but also a secure wifi connection. It is the best wireless device that actually optimized the home for a full smooth and strong connection. Hence, the tp link wifi router offers fast internet connectivity and better wireless coverage throughout the house.

There are many reasons to have this amazing wireless router because of its excellent wireless performance with security software with lifetime firmware updates. In case you are looking for how to update the tp link router then you can simply go through with online instructions and follow the steps to do it properly. It is simply a powerhouse that delivers high speed to wireless devices. 

 Configuration of the TP Link wireless router

The TP Link wireless router helps to configure the device with two simple solutions. In which the first solution is to use the web browsers that have cached this page by accident you need to clear the caches and the history from your web browser and proceed to the next step. Make sure that you have used the correct DNS server. The IP address can be used in place of It is recommended that the users use the Ethernet cable to connect to the tp link wireless router. You can configure into many web page key functions are as follows:

Quick Setup of the TP Link wireless router 

After you made the setup with then you can see four submenus under the network menu. It is LAN, WAN, IPTV, or MAC Clone. Click any of them to configure the settings of the tp link wifi router. These are the wider terms that are explained briefly in the manual of the TP Link wifi router. 

Dual-Band selection of the TP Link wireless router 

From the menu option, you can choose a dual-band connection to expand the wifi network connection throughout the house. However, you can choose the working frequency of the tp link wifi router. Well, it recommends to the user to use the computer or laptop for running an app or any video when they are using 5 GHz of the band. Moreover, they can operate the guest mode and the computer web browser by accessing 2.4 GHz of the networking band. In addition to these. you can use various options. Well, you can concurrently manage 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz of network bandwidth simultaneously. If you want to use only 2.4 GHz then you can also work with this router and connect to gaming consoles or smart TVs to get a better networking experience.

Login guide  

You can use a web-based interface for the configuration and the management of the router. In order to access the tplinkrepeater login, you require the default IP address of the device that you will enter into the address bar to access the login page. After waiting for a minute a login page appears on your windows screen where you will enter admin in both username and the password field. Hence click on the login button by pressing the enter key. After the successful login, you check the main menu for the web-based utility configuration. On that list, you will get a lot of information about the product and the network keys.

USB Settings

The USB settings provide four submenus under this section. It is 3G or 4G, folder sharing, print server, or disk settings. You can click any of them to configure the settings of the TP Link wifi router. In the 3G or 4G function, insert the USB modem to the USB port of the wifi router and then set the parameters that will support by the wifi router as well. It consists of location mobile ISP, SIM, message, connect on-demand information. The disk settings of the router are enabled from the settings of the wifi router. Simply tap on the scan button so that you can check the information of the USB storage device and also check the active box for more details. 

Final words

The TP Link wireless router has built-in antivirus protection that secures your network connection from internet threats. You can count on the most powerful and strong router. Its Gigabit Ethernet ports create the best network zone which is ideal for binging videos or web surfing. Moreover, you can manage or configure the settings of the router. And The most important four settings are mentioned above that you can read. But if you want to know more about the tp-link device then you read its installation manual.

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