Begin your journey of success in the UGC Net Commerce Exam

UGC Net exam is conducted twice every year in June and December to determine eligibility of Indian nationals for Assistant Professorship, Junior...

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UGC Net exam is conducted twice every year in June and December to determine eligibility of Indian nationals for Assistant Professorship, Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) or both in 80+ subjects, for Indian Universities and Colleges. One of the most popular subject among UGC Net aspirants is of Commerce as it results in maximum number of selections. With more and more aspirants choosing commerce, the exam is getting more and more competitive and cracking it requires a carefully designed strategy incorporating all the key elements of preparation.

The first and foremost requirement is to have a thorough understanding of syllabus of UGC Net Commerce exam. Syllabus is essentially the bible that every student must have with him/her to delineate what to study and what to skip from vast plethora of content available online and offline. All the units of syllabus are equally important and planning to leave any unit for your exam is an invitation to failure. Broadly the syllabus covers the subjects of Business Environment, International Business, Business Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management, Banking, Income Tax and Business Laws.

The next requirement is careful analysis of previous year exam papers of UGC Net Commerce exam. Those who don’t know the history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes in future as well. So, one should have a thorough reading of past year papers as they will not only help you judge the level of understanding desired from you by the examiner but will also be your ultimate source of practice. For ex- you will get to know that in UGC Net commerce exam, we are primarily asked theoretical questions and only a few simple practical problems are asked in exam. If possible, students should obtain all the past papers from 2012 onwards classified in various subjects/units so that they may be easily referred to while preparing for a particular unit or subject in syllabus. Also, some questions are repeated directly as well as indirectly in exam. You won’t go wrong with those questions if you are thorough with the previous year papers.

Now, we have the basic understanding of syllabus and nature of questions asked in exam. Next step is to delineate the sources of preparation. Traditional way is to go for books for all the subjects of UGC Net Commerce syllabus. Referring subject wise books may be time consuming as not everything in syllabus will be in books and not everything in books will be in syllabus. Do note that there will never be one best book for your entire preparation. Modern way is to go for an online course comprising video classes, notes, mcq’s and everything you need to cover. However, you need to be careful in selecting which course / institute to go for. Don’t go for any institute simply because it sponsors Indian sports events or it is endorsed by your favorite celebrity. This simply means that the institute has more money and in no way depicts its strength in the examination. Also, don’t join any institute for the simple reason that everyone else is joining it. Not everyone will crack the exam and only a selected few will reach the glory. Take a few demo sessions, talk to the institute or faculty (if possible) and only after finally being satisfied go for the course. Buying the course is just the beginning and not the end of your preparation. You need to be consistent and regular in your preparation to make it to the top (i.e. JRF). Practice regularly and keep revising to sustain the momentum till your exam.

Practice is the next most important ingredient in your journey to success in UGC Net commerce exam. Your ultimate objective is to perform well on exam day and crack the exam in very first attempt. Performing will not be automatically coming from studying well. Practice is what will determine your prowess in picking out the right option from the seemingly similar multiple options. Don’t limit your practice to short and sweet simple one-liner questions as such questions are now a thing of past. In the present times, UGC Net commerce exam comprises statement-based questions, Assertion-Reasoning questions, match the following questions and even comprehension-based questions. Only if one has analytical understanding of the topic and knows how to logically apply any particular concept in given question, then he can crack this examination with a good score. Unitwise as well as full length mocks must be attempted to attain perfection in the art of finding the right option in multiple choice questions.

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Now, you are ready to begin your journey of success in UGC Net Commerce exam. All the Best !

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