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Best five creative Package Design ideas for 2021

As much as it is imperative that the seller keeps the needs of the buyers in mind pertaining to the product, it...

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Best five creative Package Design ideas

As much as it is imperative that the seller keeps the needs of the buyers in mind pertaining to the product, it is also very necessary to know of ways to present it beautifully. It is very likely that your customer gives you a shout-out solely based on your packaging. Or maybe, your product package design could inspire other businesses and they might publicize your package design giving you free marketing. If you are interested in knowing some of the most creative package designs, then make sure you read this article all the way through.

Make do with the recyclables!

Most of these ideas are in line with the notions of recycling to not only execute the products beautifully but also make sure that the environment is all healthy. So, first off, you might need to assort your unneeded material and try putting them all to use. You might have a pile of shoeboxes lying around in the house. Get them all in one place and scrape out the unnecessary posters on them if they possess any. Print your logo paired with a compelling graphic design related to your product’s use in the shape of the box. Use fabric glue to paste it on the lid and a jute rope to tie it around. The more vintage-y and simple look you give to your package design, the more appealing it will appear. Have you seen how Apple keeps it pretty simple by only pasting the picture of the phone on top of its product package design accompanied by its sleek logo on the side? Such a hassle-free package design engenders a whole wave of praise among their customers.

Every brand has a story

Another creative product package design idea could be printing a story on the box or shopping bag enclosing your product. Bring this idea to life especially if your product is targeted towards children who find colors super fascinating. Even if your target audience is the general public, this could be a very useful idea. RioCoffee is a coffee brand that pastes multiple postcards and travel stickers on its product package design depicting that the product comes from many parts of the world. The Great Bonanza is a wine created in Australia. Its packaging is extremely colorful depicting an artistic circus. This product package design has attracted a plethora of people from the country contributing majorly towards its escalated sales. So, if you plan on leaving a mark everywhere your product goes, make sure you give them an interesting story to hold on to.

Think out of the box

You might also want to jump out from the ordinary and try out box product package designs but not in regular shapes. Think out of the box; a box that itself is so compelling that it doesn’t need any additional prints on it to attract an audience.  Maybe craft a box that is exactly in the shape of your product? Lanna Spa took a simple leaf-vein design in a wooden form and crafted an elegant package design to hold its product. The product itself was in the shape of a leaf that added an aesthetic vibe to the overall appearance of the package design. Pits in bowties serve bow ties in jewelry-like boxes with a bowtie-shaped window on top of it so the boxes stand out from the rest on the rack. And it definitely worked because if it had not then why else would we be talking about it in the blog, right?

Be creative

Do you ever get annoyed at the hanging flaps of the milk boxes or any liquid food packaging for that matter? Well, why not fuse creativity with it and use it to attract an audience who was once annoyed by it? There is this company of juices that did exactly the same and became the talk of the town in no time. They converted the annoying carton flaps into penguin ears and dedicated the front to the penguin’s face giving it a three-dimensional theme. Maybe, you could translate your product into an animal and do the same? Flaunt your product’s spirit animal through its packaging. It will not only get you more visitors but also make you enjoy selling off your products. 

Design costumes!

Another very interesting product package design could be the exterior flaunting a concept that would make people unknowingly publicize it. Pink Glasses engendered the beer goggles by printing creative beer goggle designs on their transparent multicolored goggles. The effort of marketing their product majorly reduced when their customers started to capture pictures in it and post them on social media. As more people saw it, they started talking about it. Some people only bought the wine to stay in the know and figure out what all the fuss was about. So, the wine was sold not only for its taste but also for its packaging which was peculiarly fascinating. 

As you are now aware of how mere packaging can have such a huge impact on your overall sales, you might want to start working on it as soon as possible. If you are finding it full of hassles, you can assign it to us. We will conduct thorough research on the trends on social media these days and come up with tempting ideas for your product packaging so they stand out from the rest of your competitors and make it to the first few pages of Amazon in no time.

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