What is Chromecast PlayStation vue: Uses of PlayStation vue

PlayStation vue: Chromecast acts basically like a bridge between your television and smartphone or tablet.  It is the major streaming app and...

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PlayStation vue: Chromecast acts basically like a bridge between your television and smartphone or tablet.  It is the major streaming app and you can plug it with the help of an HDMI port on your television. Chromecast works and connects with apps and streams like Netflix, Youtube, etc. It can also work with older smart televisions.

The latest Chromecast has a major improvement in comparison with the previous Chromecast. The PlayStation Vue is designed by Sony Corporation of America which is the over- the- top in internet television. We can cast our Chromecast to our television with the help of Google Chromecast.

This PlayStation Vue App connects major plenty of Apps and live Television channels. This application of Chromecast PlayStation Vue is available on almost all streaming platforms like PlayStation 3 and 4, Roku, Android TV, Android smartphones, Android tablets, etc. It’s one of the most compatible applications etc.

What are the Features of Chromecast PlayStation Vue?

Playstation Vue can be described as an Over-The-Top online television that was designed and is owned by Sony Corporation of America. Its Playstation Vue app contains plenty of live TV channels as well as video-on-demand for their customers. In September of 2018, Playstation Vue had more than 745,000 customers. 

The app is available on every streaming platform, including Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Roku Streaming devices, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV, Android Tablets and smartphones, Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. This is one of the most loving feature of this PS vue.

It is also possible to stream Playstation Vue to your TV using Google Chromecast. It is possible to easily Chromecast Playstation Vue since it is among the applications that are compatible.Also Know About

Unlimited cloud DVR

Playstation Vue has unlimited DVR storage. But we can keep this only for 28 days maximum. In this feature, we can record the entire series of shows.

Up to 5 Devices

This Chromecast Playstation Vue stimulates only 5 streams. If we cross the limit of five we can’t add any new devices for a few hours.

No parental Control

In PlayStation Vue, we have no parental restrictions and controls. But in some channels like Hulu live TV, sling TV we have parental control.

Catch up

It allows us to watch shows which we didn’t record for up to three days after it aired. In this feature, we have a lot of additional shows which aren’t normally available on demand.


In this PlayStation Vue, we can watch three live channels at once on a single screen.

Compatible devices

Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, iPhone / iPad, Web browsers, Android Phone/ Tablet, Android TV, PlayStation are the compatible devices. Noncompatible Devices are Xbox, Nintendo, Samsung smart TV, and LG smart devices.

Tech Specs in PS Vue

1. The HD quality of this is 720p HD. It streams only at 720p, To reduce playback interruptions, due adapt the streaming quality of our internet

2. All live Television content has standard stereo audio.

3. It has reliable on-demand performance.

4. Live content is about 20 seconds behind cable TV.

5. It takes only 2.5 seconds to switch between channels.

How to Install PlayStation Vue?

To install PS vue, follow the simple steps given below.

1. Firstly download the PS Vue app on your device.

2. Allow third-party apps On your device. To download PlayStation Vue.

3. GoTo File Manager or browser because you need to locate the PS Vue.

4. Your PlayStation Vue has been installed and you can start enjoying it

Activation of PlayStation Vue

Go to PS Vue app on your device then select the ‘Activate your device’ option, Turn on your computer or smartphone to launch a web browser on it and then enter to activate firestick. Then you can sign in with your PlayStation ID using login credentials.

Advantages of PS Vue

It offers the technology, lets you bookmark your favorite television channels. Its recommendations on the shows which you like save shows to a cloud DVR for access across different devices. Creates separate profiles for each and every family member.

The PS VUE is user-friendly and it is feasible to stream like sports. It comes up at the top for streaming devices for sports. PS VUE is the best option to choose from and it also streams movies and NEWS, it offers all the basic TV channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and so on.

This PlayStation Vue is available in Apple TV. we can enjoy watching TV and shows on it. You can also Check for more details and similar articles. Mention your queries and suggestions in the comment section.

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