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3 Steps to Promote Content to Reach More Prospects

Content creating can be a complex process to some, but content promotion it is on another level. Each content needs to be...

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Content Promotion

Content creating can be a complex process to some, but content promotion it is on another level. Each content needs to be produced carefully, as you need to include the critical ideas in a pleasingly readable format.

The content structure also needs to be set out well, as you do not want the readers to be confused at reading it or, even worse, stopped reading it.

However, to get the best marketing ROI your content does not serve its purpose well if it is not consumed by the appropriate audience, or in other words, not effectively publicized.

A carefully planned promotion will surely help you to get people to notice your work. Here is where a practical way of advertising needs to be done by the writers. To improve your engagement, consider these tips on how to get your well-made content out there.

#1. Know Your Audience

First, you need to know your audiences and how to reach them. 

If your content is already made explicitly for a group of audiences, you need to know the suitable platform to promote it. For instance, if your content is intended for students, you need to see the platform where they spend their time the most. In this case, students are most likely to use social media daily.

You can start reaching out to them by promoting your content on that platform. It would be different if your audience includes an older age group; you can start using Facebook or LinkedIn, the media where a more experienced group of people usually spend their time.

After you know where your intended audiences are, you also need to know the best time to promote your content. The best times to post on social media are 10:00 AM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (Cooper, 2021).

This data itself is produced from research investigating thousands of social media posts to determine where engagement rates are the highest. Your promotion will be more effective if you post it when social media traffic is at its peak.

#2. The Right Channel

Next, use the rising trend of social media to your advantage. According to the research conducted by the Statista Research Department (2021), the use of social media has been significantly rising since the coronavirus pandemic started.

More specifically, taken from the same data, it is said that the growth rate of TikTok users in the United States alone reached 85.3% since the pandemic hit.

Another media that also faces a significant growth of users rate is Twitter, increasing by 20% in the recent year. The statistics above show the trend of where most people spend their time.

You can take advantage of this data by promoting your content in the media consumed mainly by people; for example, you can start by reaching your audience on TikTok or Twitter for higher engagement rates. 

Furthermore, as social media is highly visual, start promoting your content with more visual aids. You can create a creative poster or post about your content in the hopes of getting the attention of the intended audience.

You can also start creating colourful infographics related to your content to give the audience some comprehension before reading your content (Patel, n.d.).

Using the previous example, try turning your content into a TikTok video. You can include current trends on the rise or phrases that most people use nowadays to get your content noticed.

#3. Paid Promotion

Last but not least, you can try using paid promotion services. Social media influencers usually execute paid promotions with numerous followers.

However, you need to choose the influencers with a fitting group of audiences. For instance, if your content mainly discusses mental health issues, you need to look for influencers who also dwell in that field so that your intended audiences can consume your content.

Also, this method is cost-effective. Compared to conventional advertising, paid promotion can be done according to your needs.

You can also try promoting your content to different influencers at one time, expanding the chances of getting more audience. 

The Takeaway

In brief, you can easily promote your content through several options that can be carried out through social media.

You can get the most out of your promotion by knowing how to reach your audiences successfully and decide which social media is the best option for your content promotion. 

Creating visual aids is also a proper way of advertising, as it gains more attention from your audience. 

Using paid promotion services also serves as a great way of reaching a bigger audience that is cost-effective for your business. After further research on the topic, these tips will make a significant impact on your content promotion.

If one of the methods works the best for you, you can maintain that method to keep your engagement rate high.

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