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Content Writing Tools Fresh SEO Writers Can Use

For new SEO writers, content writing seems full of challenges. Few beginners feel difficulties in the blog writing process. At the same...

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Content Writing Tools

For new SEO writers, content writing seems full of challenges. Few beginners feel difficulties in the blog writing process. At the same time, others encounter problems in the editing of web content. Still, many others face obstacles in search engine optimisation (SEO).  No matter which steps you feel trouble at, there are tons of online tools that can help you. This article will highlight some content writing tools that are easy to use even for freshers. The content writing tools aim to create content that has the following features;

  1. Web contents need to attract the audience.
  2. The web content must rank high at the top of Google search engine.

Depending upon the aim that needs to be achieved, the different online platforms will serve different functions. Hence to target the first aim, the reader can use Grammarly, as well as Copyscape. Likewise, to achieve the second aim (ranking), fresh content writers can seek help from the following;

  1. Google Keywords planning
  2. YoastSEO

This article will provide Content Writing Tools in two sections. The first section will account for the tools that can make your content engaging. Whereas the second part will discuss tools for SEO ranking of the content.

Content Writing Tools (writing process)

It doesn’t matter how smart you are, because human errors are inevitable. While writing content, we often commit mistakes. Some mistakes are intentional, while the majority of them are unintentional. The intentional ones are easy to eradicate. But for the removal of unintentional errors, writers need to spend several minutes. The content containing plagiarism, as well as grammatical errors decreases audience engagement. Hence to speed up the content writing process, Grammarly, and CopySpace are widely used.


For fresh SEO content writers, Grammarly is the best writing assistant. It helps the writers in locating Grammatical, as well as spelling errors. Still, you can add Grammarly to MS word, and chrome as well. Grammarly quickly highlights all grammatical errors with red. It also gives suggestions for making a sentence more meaningful. In Grammarly Premium, you can further correct all clarity, as well as engagement related issues.

In addition, you can correct the following issues from your content;

  1. Contextual spelling
  2. Punctuation
  3. Sentence structure
  4. Writing style

In short, you can surely rely on the powerful algorithm of Grammarly for resolving content writing issues. Apart from contextual problems, another problem for a fresh content writer is providing plagiarism free content. So after Grammarly, you can use CopySpace.


Plagiarism is an emerging content writing problem that comes with digitalisation. So to produce plagiarism free content, a few writing tips are very useful. These include the following;

  1. Avoid copy-pasting directly
  2. Avoid word to word paraphrase

Content writing always demands the providing of your own analysis on a specific topic. Still, Copyscape will help you in checking the aspect of plagiarism.

For this, you need to enter the URL. CopyScape will tell you in a few seconds who your work resembles. By changing similar content, you can achieve the (plagiarism-free) goal. After removing contextual errors, the next step is dealing with SEO challenges.

Content Writing Tools (SEO)

Still, many freshers feel that managing SEO aspect of the content is difficult. They don’t know how they can make their content ready for ranking. For them, there are also many Content Writing Tools given as follows;

Google Keywords Planner:

Google keywords is the most effective content writing tool that helps its users in selecting the most targeted keywords. By using this tool, you can search for new keywords. Here you can also combine different keywords from a separate list for making a unique title. Further, through Keyword searching trends and volume, the SEO writer can get help in ranking the content. Apart from all that, click and cost performance forecast is also a unique feature of this Content writing tool.    


Like Google keywords planner, YoastSEO is also a good SEO tool. Yet, YoastSEO has tons of features to optimise the search engine for your content. The list of some of its exciting features include the following;

  1. Xml sitemaps,
  2. Social features,
  3. Meta keywords, and description management,
  4. Duplicate content management,
  5. Rich snippet, and many others.

The Academic Papers UK:

The Academic Papers UK is known for its best dissertation writing services in UK. However, with a wide range of services, it offers SEO content writing facilities for all writers. No matter if you are seeking a job opportunity as SEO content writer or you want to get SEO content for your webpage or blog, The Academic Papers UK can serve you at best.

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