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Cereals are used on a massive scale by most people around the globe, but what about their boxes when they are out...

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Cereals are used on a massive scale by most people around the globe, but what about their boxes when they are out of use? Is there a way to recycle them in a useful manner? Cereal boxes are mostly made of cardstock, cardstock is a paper-type material but is stronger, thicker, denser, and more reliable than paper. It has a higher capacity to hold weight in it and is highly recyclable if not in use. There are several ways to reuse them, hereunder are listed 10 uses for them.

1) Desk Divider:

A desk can be a hefty mess if someone is in a workplace and they consider their workplace as home. These situations can be frustrating if someone cannot specify places to place their things around. These boxes come in handy in such situations as they can be reshaped into almost anything and everything. So, why not as a desk divider! Anyone can use these to simply manage their desks as dividing the desk into several parts using the long sides of the cardboard. Since they are firm they can hold steady. These divisions can be used to place different things inside as per requirement.

2) Mini Notebook:

They are a good way to use as a notebook cover, plus they are useing to create your tiny notebook from a stack of papers. These notebooks can be cheap and handy. They can easily fit in someone’s pocket and are lightly weighted to carry anywhere, no one needs a specific bag to carry them. Here is the method of how to do so. Just cut the box open and slice up the sides as per the requirements of the paper. Pinch a hole through them and tie them up with a thread. That’s it and now everyone can have their mini notebooks.

3) Drawer Divider:

Dividing desks are not the only divider tasks that can be performed by them, they can be handy in sorting out your drawers too. Never thought about that! Well, this is where things get interesting.

Custom printed cereal boxes can be considered best for this job as they already contain glittering and shine, all that’s required is to cover the inside of the box with some glittering paper, and it’s ready to handle your drawers. Just cut and place them in the drawer according to the type of items you place in the drawer. Sizes can vary depending upon the type of items being used, place the straight parts as dividers and done. Now things in the drawer will never be misplaced again.

4) Gift Boxes:

A variety of gift boxes are available in the market, but the main joy of giving a gift is to present it in your self-created gift box. Well, these custom printed cereal boxes become a great help for this task. These boxes can be cut into shorter ones, all that’s needed is a pair of scissors and some gifts to place in it. They give out a different style for themselves and can be wrapped in a different type of packaging.

5) Make a toy:

Ever thought of creating a toy with a cereal box, well yes it can be done pretty easily and is a lot of fun. All that’s required is a pair of scissors, glue, wrapping paper, markers, and tape. Draw an animal on paper and place it over the cereal box, cut the box in the specific shape of the toy, do it twice to give the toy a shape. Glue the parts together and place some cardboard inside to make it a bit thick so that it can stand on its own. Wrap it with the wrapping paper and stick the paper together with tapes. Draw on it as desired and there is the self-created toy.

6) A Piggy Bank:

If you ever had delivered these to home as custom cereal boxes wholesale, then there maybe more than one empty box of them. These can be cut into a piggy bank pretty easily. Just draw the shape of a piggy on the paper and cut the box in the required shape. Use small pieces as holders, cut out a circular shape as the head and paste them together in the shape to look like a piggy bank. Now everyone can have their bank at their home.

7) Page Marker:

Often reading books people forget where they left off, well no more as this use of boxes can be used to handle that problem too. Custom cereal boxes USA can be in different designs so that if more than one person is reading the same book they can have their different page specifiers. Just cut the page into a marker with a scissor and pinch its one side to pass a thread through it. The three can use to open specific pages.

8) Business Card:

Cereal Boxes can be cut into smaller cards for them to be used as someone’s business card. It’s a simple trick and can add to your style. Print your signature or your details on plain paper and stick it to the cards that have been cut out of the box and that’s it. Present it to everyone you meet.

9) Water Boat:

They can use to create water boats. Cut out the low parts to shape like a boat floor. Cut a triangle to set it as the sail of the boat and stick the sale to the bottom by using a straw or a chopstick. Now color the boat as required and that’s your boat that won’t sink easily.

10) Foldable Ruler:

Place a ruler against the box and cut it to an equal length of ruler. Shape it like a ruler by placing it against the ruler and perfectly cutting it. Mark the numbers round with the marker and now fold it in equal parts to fit the pocket. It carries anywhere and it won’t feel much in someone’s pocket.

Specified above are only 10 uses but there can be many more useful ways to recycle them, all it takes is a creative mind and the power of imagination.


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