How to Disable / Enable Virus & Threat Protection in Windows 11

Antivirus software is very necessary for your computer. Every Windows PC comes with security software. Previously it was known as Windows Defender...

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How to Disable / Enable Virus & Threat Protection in Windows 11

Antivirus software is very necessary for your computer. Every Windows PC comes with security software. Previously it was known as Windows Defender / Windows Defender and Security, in windows 11 it is known as Windows Security. 

Windows Security is a Microsoft in-built antivirus software that will help you to protect your PC from Virus, Malware and other internet related threats. By default, the antivirus software is enabled but can be disabled due to many reasons.

Also, due to different reasons we need to disable or enable antivirus, here we are providing you with the steps to Disable/Enable virus and threat protection in Windows 11.

Whatever the reason, maybe you can easily disable and enable antivirus software in Windows 11.

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Enable or Disable Windows Security in Windows 11

You can easily enable and disable Windows security in Windows 11 using the steps below:

First, to open the Window Security program, you have to right-click on the start button and then click on Settings. You can also press the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + I to open the settings directly.

From the Settings menu click on Privacy & Security and then click on Windows Security.

Now click on the Open Windows Security button.

This will open the Window Security program and you see all the security settings and protections that Windows Security program offers. It will also tell you about the health of your device.

To disable Virus and Threat protection click on Virus and Threat Protection and then click on Manage settings.

Now go through all the settings and then Toggle Off all the security settings. For disabling the main security, you have to disable Real Time security. Once you turn off the protection you will get notification to turn on the security again.

If you have turned off the settings for a certain time period then it will turn back on automatically, however, if you have if you have permanently turned then it will not turn on automatically.

This section of the Window Security program will help you to disable and enable other parts of security also. This will let you turn on and off Automatic sample submission, cloud-delivered protection folder access and other settings.

Disable Microsoft Antivirus from the Group Policy

Apart from disabling Virus and Threat protection from the Windows Security Windows 11 will let you enable and disable Virus and Threat protection from Group Policy also.

But before disabling the security you have to disable Tamper Protection from the Windows Security application.

Tamper Protection helps you to get protected against unauthorized system changes. If Tamper Protection is not turned off and you make changes to the Group policy then it will revert back to its previous state when the PC restarts.

Disable Tamper Protection:

Disabling the Tamper Protection is very easy, you just have to open the Windows Security program and then click on Virus & Threat protection.

Now click on the Manage Settings and then scroll down to find Tamper Protection.

Now toggle off the Tamper Protection.

That’s it. Tamper Protection is turned off and now if you change the Group Policy then it will be changed forever and now you can disable Windows virus and threat protection.

Permanently Disable Windows Defender Antivirus with Group Policy Editor

For editing Group policy, you have to press Windows key and then type gpedit.msc and then press enter. This will open the Group Policy editor.

Once the policy editor is opened go to the following path:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Microsoft Defender Antivirus

Now to disable Virus and Threat protection double click on the “Turn off Microsoft Defender Antivirus” from the right-hand side section.

Now click on the Enabled option and then click on the Apply button and then press OK.

The changes will take effect when the Window 11 restarts. Now when you open Window Security you can check that it is turned off.

Now you want to enable Virus and Threat protection again then you can turn it on from the policy editor. You can also re enable it from the Windows Security by toggling on the settings.

Once the system is restarted you will see the exclamation sign on the shield icon of the Virus and threat protection. This is due to the fact that only real time protection is turned off and not whole window 11 protection.

When one section of the antivirus is disabled that is real time protection, the whole system will work. You can disable other security features from the Windows Security application.

That’s it you can now enable and disable virus and Threat Protection on Windows 11. 


Need to disable Virus and Threat protection occurs on very rare occasions. Without proper need disabling the Antivirus system will result in virus and malware attacks that can damage your system.  

Make sure that Virus and Threat Protection is always enabled on your Window 11. So that your Windows 11 will always remain protected.

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