Everything You Need To Know About Omnichannel Contact Center Software

Through all the changes in the market and the world economy, the one thing customers expect is for businesses to provide them...

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Through all the changes in the market and the world economy, the one thing customers expect is for businesses to provide them with services right from the start of their buyer journey to the very end of it. They need your business to be able to solve their issues as and when they come up. This is where contact centres come into play.

Contact centres are one of the most important resources that are available to customers for any business they interact with. They enable customers to receive customer service, ideally across any possible service channel that the customer interacts with the business through. What most customers expect, however, is to be able to easily move through these service channels as and when they please, simply for convenience.

To be able to meet these expectations, what a business requires is software that links up all these channels in a way that their customer service agents can move between them seamlessly, i.e. an omnichannel contact center.

What is an Omnichannel Contact Center?

Think of it from the perspective of a consumer; if you were to look at a product on a website, and decide you wanted to enquire about it through chat support, you’d easily be able to do so on their website. Now, let’s say that you wanted to discuss this over a phone call instead. 90% of consumers, even you, would expect to have consistent interactions with customer service across both these channels.

What omnichannel contact centre software like Wolken Software do is bring all these various service channels together and compact them into one platform, through which customer service agents can easily access channels like email, chat support, social media, and phone calls. This allows them to be able to respond to customers through a single software regardless of the channel, giving the consumers the seamless experience they expect.

Why Use Omnichannel Software?

Here are some other benefits of using omnichannel contact centre software:

1. Efficiency and Productivity 

Most potential customers spend less than half a minute on a single webpage, looking at a single product. This means businesses have to learn how to interact with them quickly and efficiently when required, making them feel like their queries are always being acknowledged. This is hard to do so when a customer keeps getting directed to different channels to have their one question answered.

Omnichannel contact centres make businesses follow an organized structure to be successful, and this allows for more efficient servicing towards consumers. What also happens is omnichannel services allow for agents to serve around multiple customers at a time, increasing their productivity, and giving them time to handle more complex issues as well. This is how an omnichannel works at a time. 

2. The Power of Integration 

Omnichannel contact centre software, by definition, is meant to keep interaction and content flowing through different channels over on the platform. Web interactions, call interactions, and social media interactions are all linked together, like a spider web of connections. It helps create customer dialogues and experiences that flow naturally for both, the customers and the agents themselves.

Omnichannel contact centres implement many digital tools like Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) and other telecommunications software, making sure that all these platforms are integrated properly and that agents can share information between these channels easily.

3. Customer-oriented 

The first step for any business implementing the omnichannel system is to identify where your customers are coming from, where they want to go, and how they try to interact with the business. Omnichannel contact centre software help in gathering the data on which channels customers use, helping you make sure that those channels are available to all your customers.

Omnichannel software is customer-oriented in that it links customer data as well as personal information from every interaction between the business and the customer, and as mentioned previously, when CRM tools are integrated with it, you are able to create the optimal customer service system, arming your agents with the capability of delivering top-notch service to your potential customers.

To Sum It All Up…

It is important as a business to be able to provide the highest quality of customer service to each of its current as well as future customers and have them feel like their problems are being acknowledged by the business. The Wolken Services for Omnichannel Support provides your business with a seamless and fully integrated experience across the software. Allowing for your agents to respond to multiple queries at the same time, increasing speed, quality and efficiency that will help the customers.

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