How to Delete Duplicate Videos from Hard Disk

Removing duplicate videos from the hard disk is a huge task. Even single videos take lots of space on your hard disk...

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Removing duplicate videos from the hard disk is a huge task. Even single videos take lots of space on your hard disk and having duplicates of them will take lots of unnecessary space on your hard disk.

Also, if the videos are of good quality and format then they will be of big size. If these videos are duplicated then it will fill up the storage space on your computer.

If the duplicate videos are in the same folder, then you can select them and delete them easily. However, if the duplicate videos are scattered all over your computer, then you will face a big challenge in removing the duplicates. If you are manually removing the duplicates then you have to search for the videos in different locations and then you have to watch the videos.

Manually removing the duplicates will take lots of them and effort. Instead of removing the duplicates manually you can use a dedicated duplicate files remover program for delete duplicate videos.

Duplicate Files Fixer to Remove Duplicate Files from your computer

There are different duplicate file remover programs available on the internet that will help you to remove duplicate videos easily.

Here we will be using Duplicate Files Fixer to delete duplicate videos from the hard disk.

Duplicate Files Fixer is a great program for removing the duplicate videos from your system. It will scan your computer for the duplicate files and then you can remove them easily.

You can also add any location for scanning. Once the duplicates are found you can auto mark the duplicates and then delete them.  Also, this program is safe to use as it will not let you select all the duplicates for the deletion process, one copy of the duplicate will always remain unchecked so that you may not remove all the copies of the file.

Apart from deleting duplicate videos, Duplicate Files Fixer will also help you to remove all types of duplicate files.

How to delete duplicate videos from a hard disk using the Duplicate Files Fixer program?

Duplicate Files Fixer is one of the best duplicate files finder and remover programs you can find. This will help you to remove duplicate videos easily.

Duplicate Files Fixer is a simple and easy to use program . You just have to follow the steps below to use the program to remove duplicate videos from your hard drive.

Step 1: You have to download and install Duplicate Files Fixer program:

Step 2: Once installed we suggest you to launch the program if it does not launch automatically. Now add the folder or the location from which you want to scan for the duplicate videos.

Note you can also drag and drop the location you want to scan.

Duplicate file fixer

Note: you will also see the exclude button on the main screen of the program. Once you add the folder to the exclusion list it will not be scanned for the duplicate.

Also, if you want the location from which you do not want the duplicates to be marked then you can add it to the Protected Folder list.

Step 3: To start the scan for the duplicate you just have to click on the Scan for Duplicates button.

Duplicate files

Step 4: On the completion of the scan, you will see all the duplicates found. Now you can manually mark the duplicates for deletion or you can use the auto mask feature for auto marking the duplicates for deletion.

Features of this program that you can use in the deletion of the duplicates process:

  • Unmark All: IF you are unsatisfied with the selection process you can unmark all the marked duplicates.
  • Undo: This will revert the deletion process.
  • Filter the files according to their type.

Step 5: After marking the duplicates you just have to click on the Delete Marked button for removing the duplicates.

Step 6: Once prompted to delete the duplicates you just have to click on the Yes button.

Once the process is completed all the duplicates will be deleted.

Features of Duplicate Files Fixer:

Simple and easy to use program.

Undo function: To revert the deletion process.

Auto Marking function: You do not have to mark the duplicate videos manually.

You can move the duplicate videos to your desired location.

Ability to scan cloud storages, Google Drive and DropBox.

Ability to scan hidden Files and Folders.

Users can include or exclude files of zero size.

You can add the custom file type for scanning.

You can review the history of the scanning.

Ability to delete empty Folders.


If you have duplicate files on the different location of your computer then it will be a great challenge to do so. If the duplicates are stored in a single folder then the users may be able to find and delete the duplicate videos.

However, if the duplicate videos are in different locations then you have to use Duplicate Files Fixer for finding and removing the duplicates.

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