How to Find (and Remove) Duplicate Files in Windows 11

Having duplicate files on our Windows 11 PC is a terrible thing but finding duplicate files and then removing the duplicate files...

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Having duplicate files on our Windows 11 PC is a terrible thing but finding duplicate files and then removing the duplicate files in Windows is even more frustrating. Most of us unknowingly keep copy-pasting files from one location to another not realizing that we are duplicating the files and most of them will just sit idle occupying precious space on your Windows 11 PC.

Over time, not only do these files occupy a huge amount of space but to find them and remove these duplicate files from Windows 11 PC also becomes a next to impossible task. Having duplicate files slows down the performance of a PC and hence, needs to be fixed on time and regularly.

There are many ways using which one can simply find duplicate files and then delete them to restore precious disk space.

How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Windows 11

Make USe OF The File Explorer:

File Explorer in Windows 11 lets you easily categorize and sort files and documents with respect to Name, Date, File Type, Size, etc. When you launch Windows Explorer, you can easily find the Sort menu on the top of the window.

The Sort menu easily lets you sort the files based on the different parameters, from where you can easily remove duplicate files in Windows and enhance the overall speed and performance of your PC.

View The Files Properly In Windows Explorer & Then Delete:

Another plus point of using Windows Explorer is the View option that allows you to view and compare files so that the files with are duplicated and not required can easily be deleted.

The View option is present on the toolbar located at the top and lets users view the files based on Details, Content, etc.

Once the user analysis the files, they can easily remove duplicate files from Windows 11 PC, by simply clicking the Delete key.

Use Duplicate Files Fixer By Systweak Software:

If you want to skip all the manual work involved in finding and deleting redundant files, the best thing to do is to install the best duplicate file finder tool on your PC and let it do the work.

Systweak Software is a well-known Software brand across the globe and has been in the IT industry for almost 2 decades. Duplicate Files Fixer by Systweak Software is an easy-to-use tool that lets you delete duplicate files, audio, video, images, etc sitting on your PC wasting space.

It easily lets users Add Files/Folders to scan for duplicates and then easily delete them.

How To Delete Duplicate Files Using Duplicate Files Fixer?

Let’s now see how we can use this nifty tool to find duplicate files and easily delete the redundant files.

1. Download Duplicate Files Fixer from the official website.

2. Once downloaded, follow the on-screen instructions to install Duplicate Files Fixer.

3. After it is installed, launch the software.

4. From the main screen, click on Scan For Duplicates.

Delete Duplicate Files

5. After the scan is completed, the software will show the results in a group-wise manner.

6. From here, you can easily preview the duplicate files detected and then select the ones you wish to delete. The software also provides the option to auto-mark duplicate files.

The software also allows the user to sort the duplicates found based on their type, i.e. Documents, Pictures, Music, etc.


7. After the files have been marked, simply click on the Delete Marked option to remove duplicate files from your Windows PC.

Benefits Of Using Duplicate Files Fixer:

Duplicate Files Fixer comes with a varied range of features and has many benefits:

  1. Duplicate Files Fixer lets you scan HDD, Google Drive, External Hard Disk, as well as Cloud Storage.
  2. The Auto-mark feature allows you to mark the duplicate files found automatically, retaining one copy.
  3. It also provides an easy drag/drop facility to add files and folders.
  4. The software displays the results in a group-wise manner making it easy for the user to understand.
  5. Duplicate Files Fixer is a multi-lingual product and is present in 13 different languages.
  6. It allows scanning DropBox for duplicate files and easily delete them.
  7. Duplicate Files Fixer is AppEsteem certified which means it has passed through strict security checks and hence is safe to use.
  8. Compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7.
  9. It is also available for other platforms like Mac, iOS, and Android.
  10. With Duplicate Files Fixer, users can easily exclude folders or files they do not wish to scan for duplicates.
  11. Selection Assistant that easily lets you categorically delete duplicates like location, size, group, etc.
  12. Let users choose how they want to perform the scan and which formats of files to include or exclude using the Advanced Scan Settings.

Keeping track of duplicate files is a depressing thing, and when your PC gets cluttered with innumerable duplicate files, finding them is equally frustrating. Over time we all duplicate files in our Windows 11 PC and there comes a time when they start hampering the normal functionality of the PC.

To boost the overall health and performance, it gets necessary to find the duplicate files and then delete the duplicate files in Windows 11 PC so that the wanted disk space can be restored and productivity of the Windows PC can be improved. While there are manual ways, they take a lot of time, hence we suggest that you use the best duplicate file finder software like Duplicate Files Fixer and use it to easily locate and remove duplicate files.

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