How to Get a Free Meal and discounted offers with McDonald’s App

Who does not like free or discounted food? McDonald’s is one of the largest food chains in the world, and they have...

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Who does not like free or discounted food? McDonald’s is one of the largest food chains in the world, and they have almost covered up the entire world with their branches.

If you are a McDonald’s foodie and you want to find out what time does McDonald’s start serving lunch or breakfast or dinner so you can get the promotional deals at a seriously discounted price.

Breakfast opening hours vary from location to location, so it’s up to you to figure out when the nearest restaurant to you is.

Some places open early in the morning, meaning if you’re in the middle of the city, you won’t have to wait as long for what you want to eat.

Other restaurants start operating around the middle of the afternoon and end operations around two o’clock in the evening. As far as what time does McDonalds stop serving breakfast, it really depends on the location and the franchisee.

Download the McDonald’s App

If you are in search of McDonalds Promotions and deals, then you should start looking for them at the launch of the new McDonald’s App.

Promotions and special offers come in all shapes and sizes, and this app is no exception to that rule. 

At first glance, the app may not look all that different from the existing My iTunes, but after having a closer look, you will see just how advanced it is. 

The fact that it integrates with the main McDonald’s mobile app makes it that much more interesting.

What promotions can you get?

Let us take a look at one of the most interesting promotions right now, for example the offer for free burgers on Monday August 8th, the day before the Super Bowl. 

During these slow times in America, you can stock up on burgers, fries and shakes for less than the price of a single beer, while being able to acquire healthy food for free. 

For a limited time, every customer who downloads the app will be eligible for this special. 

With an estimated reading time of 4.5 hours, you can have access to the McDonald’s Promotions page in order to grab yourself a Freeburger during lunchtime on Monday, August 8th.

What makes this promotion stand out from the others is the fact that the new 2.0 version of the app includes a number of new features. 

Coupon codes Special offers

In addition to the free burgers, users will also be treated to special offers and discounts on their food. 

As we all know, the concept of coupons has changed drastically over the years, especially when it comes to fast food chains. 

However, with the integration of coupons with the actual McDonald’s menu items, things are bound to get even more interesting.

The real value of the coupons lies in the fact that they are exclusive to this date and time. There is no way that other coupons will be offered in the future, since this is the only promotion of its kind. 

It is also worth noting that this special will not be available on phones, nor on any other device for that matter. 

For those of you planning to take advantage of these coupons, make sure you have your Mcdonalds app on your phone or mobile device before January 2021.


Another reason why it is important to download the Mcdonald’s App is because this offers one of the most unique opportunities to combine the coupons with the actual food purchase. 

This means that every customer who downloads the app will automatically get one free burger. 

Now if that doesn’t work, then the cost of a regular burger will definitely blow your mind. Of course there will be other offers, some of them good, that you can avail of, so do not limit yourself to just one deal.


The best part about the app is that it also brings the chicken nuggets right to your doorstep. 

So, if you were away from home and you suddenly feel like getting those crunchy golden, juicy chicken nuggets, you can order them, add any additional sauces or salad dressings, and enjoy them right at home. 

The best thing about the Mcdonald’s Specials is that they are available for anyone, from kids to grandparents. 

This means that this promotional offer is not limited to a particular age group and is open to people of all ages. 

So, if you are looking for a great, healthy option to entice your loved ones to join in the dining experience, and if you need to know what time does McDonald’s start serving lunch or breakfast or dinner so you can get the new deals with discounted price, give the McDonald’s App a try.

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