How To Optimize Windows For Best Performance?

Keeping our PC optimized is the biggest and trickiest task to do on a regular basis especially when we keep on using...

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Keeping our PC optimized is the biggest and trickiest task to do on a regular basis especially when we keep on using our Windows PC on a regular basis. On an everyday basis when we use our Windows PC, it keeps on generating trash, duplicates, caches, invalid registries; restore points, leftover files, faulty shortcuts, history, cookies, removed programs, and more. Daily removal of such files is important in order to keep your PC optimized. If we will not remove or clean such type of trash on a regular basis, it will not only take up storage space but will also make your PC sluggish and slow. The only way to maintain the best performance of your Windows PC is to keep it optimized on a regular basis. In this blog, we will be discussing ways to optimize your Windows PC for bringing out its best performance. So, let’s get started.

Best and Effective Ways to Keep your PC Optimized

1. Update your drivers regularly

Keeping outdated and uninstalled drivers in your system can cause major issues. Therefore, it is really important to keep a strong eye on the drivers and their updates. Drivers related to the device play an essential role in the major operations of a PC. If they will not work properly, the PC will not work seamlessly. Therefore, keep on updating your drivers on a regular basis.

Manually checking and updating drivers on a regular basis is a big task to do. Additionally, it is not possible to update drivers on a regular basis. But, now with the help of Advanced System Optimizer, you can do it flawlessly.

Advanced System Optimizer is one of the best drivers updating software we have found. This driver works by identifying the installed drivers and comparing them with the latest updates available so that there are no corrupted, missing, or outdated drivers available on the entire PC. Here’s how you can use Advanced System Optimizer:

  • Begin the process by downloading and installing the software on your Windows PC.

Download Link: Advanced Driver Updater

  • Launch the software and click on the “Start Scan” button.
  • Wait for a while and update the drivers need to be updated from the appeared results.

2. Remove duplicate files on a regular basis

To keep your PC optimized, free from trash, and free up the required storage space, you must get yourself in the habit to remove duplicate files or folders from your PC on a regular basis. Duplicate files could be any type of files like audio, video, photos, docs, and others. Therefore, keep on removing them to maintain the speed of your PC. Now, you can easily remove duplicate files from your PC with the help of Advanced System Optimizer. Just simply go to the Common Issues Fixer area for removing duplicates on a regular basis from your PC. If you haven’t downloaded Advanced System Optimizer, download it from the given link:

3. Disable startup items

It is really important to fix the boot time if you really wish to improve the overall performance of your PC. By fixing the boot timing, you will be able to work flawlessly on your computer without any extra loading. The main reason behind the long booting time is the mismanaged apps that take up so much time to load. Therefore, always disable startup items to bring out the best performance of your PC. For disabling the startup items, you can go to Settings -> Apps -> Startup items for viewing the list of apps that are required to be disabled.

4. Remove dismissed applications

We never keep old and unused clothes in our wardrobe right… we keep on updating to the new ones and to the required ones! Then, why do we keep old and unrequired software/applications on our PC? It makes it look sluggish and slow. Therefore, keep on removing unrequired applications from your PC to maintain the best performance. With the help of Advanced System Optimizer, you can find unused software or programs and remove them to free up the storage space as well. You can directly go to the Uninstall Manager available in the Advanced System Optimizer for deleting unused software.

5. Remove junk or cache files

Removing junk or cache files is the most important task to do which should be adapted in your daily routine. But, if you don’t have the time to do it regularly, leave that task for Advanced System Optimizer. Advanced System Optimizer can now remove junk files as well from the entire system on a regular basis. This software is amazing at removing junk files like corrupted files, garbage files, history, unrequired application files, system logs, cache, prefetch data, backup files, old downloads, and more. After launching the Advanced System Optimizer on your Windows PC, you can directly go to the “Regular tasks”, hit the “Scan” button, and clean your system on a regular basis. Overall, this is one of the best and most effective ways to keep your system optimized free of storage space, improve the speed and performance, and more.

I hope this blog helps you with the best and most effective ways to keep your PC optimized.

Thanks for reading!

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