How to Recover Files from a Crashed Hard Disk?

Hard disks are essential hardware for storing all your files. You can get a high-capacity hard drive to benefit from more memory...

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Hard disks are essential hardware for storing all your files. You can get a high-capacity hard drive to benefit from more memory space. It will provide room for your system processes. It shows the importance of the HDD and the necessity of maintaining it.

Sometimes, your HDD may fail due to an unknown error. There are many reasons for drive failure, and each cause may require distinct diagnostic methods. This post will detail all the possible hard disk issues and the tweaks to solve them. You can use hard drive recovery software or a manual method to recover data from a hard drive.

You can use these insights to enjoy better hard drive functionality and quality. Now, brace yourself to explore the tweaks to solve any HDD issues.

Why Does Your Hard Drive Get Crashed?

There can be several reasons behind a hard drive failure. Majorly it is due to prolonged usage of your hard drive. Learning the reasons for hard disk failure is necessary for identifying suitable means to recover lost data from it.

●        Extreme heat due to high-level system processes

●        High power supply and power fluctuations

●        Long-term usage

●        Malicious file infection

●        Physical damage due to rough handling

●        Exposure to a high-temperature environment

How to Recognize a Crashed Hard Drive?

Now that we know the cause of HDD failure, let’s look at the methods for determining whether a hard drive is corrupt or crashed.

●        Reduction in system execution speed and functionality

●        Occurrence of error messages

●        Abnormal sound from hard drive

●        Failure in program execution

●        Boot issues or unwanted errors notifications while accessing data

How to Recover Data from a Hard Drive?

Hard drive storage is essential hardware for all systems. You need to figure out a way to recover the data if it crashes. You have two options for recovering the files and documents on your crashed hard drive. You can follow the manual process or make use of the best hard drive data recovery software. Choosing a suitable method is up to you. Let us learn about the tweaks before selecting one.

Using the Disk Management Tool

One of the easiest and most effective methods for repairing your corrupted hard drive is to format it. However, you may lose your files stored in the memory. Don’t panic! Once the HDD is ready, we may recover data using any legitimate recovery tool.

Step 1: Access the search tab on the Task Bar and input disk management.

Step 2: Check the search results and avail of the “Create and format drive option.” Alternatively, you can also press (Win + R), type diskmgmt.msc and hit the Enter key to access the Disk Management utility.

Step 3: You will be able to view all your drivers. Check the status of the drivers.

Step 4: Identify the crashed drive and format it.

Using the Error Checking Tool

There is another manual method for checking your hard disk for errors. You can use the integrated error checking utility to repair your corrected hard disk.

Step 1: Get into Windows Explorer with (Win + E) keys. Locate and select the infected hard disk.

Step 2: Invoke the right-click context menu and choose the Properties option.

Step 3: Select the “Tools” tab and click on the check option.

Step 4: Choose the “Check” menu and initiate the error-checking process.

Using Advanced Disk Recovery

If the above manual methods are successful, you can try using these tweaks. You may be required to install third-party hard drive data recovery software to recover permanently deleted files, documents, photos, music, videos, and more. Software in any genre is available in surplus. But choosing the best plays a key role in recovering data from a hard disk.

Advanced Disk Recovery software can amuse you with its top-notch technology for recovering data from internal and external hard drive data recovery. The tool can perform a complete scan on your hard drive to recover lost data. This drive recovery software can quickly and easily recover all file types from your crashed hard disk. The software is capable of recovering data from deleted, formatted, crashed, or corrupt storage devices.

Advanced Disk Recovery Features

●        Available for all versions of Windows

●        Different scanning modes for quick data recovery

●        Can support internal and external storage devices for data recovery

●        recover data from crashed, corrupt, formatted and damaged hard drives

●        Faster scanning modes to retrieve permanently deleted data

●        Capable of customizing scanning operations with filters

●        Easy installation and execution procedure

Bottom Line

Data recovery is a crucial operation nowadays as we may lose our data for a wide range of reasons. Hard disk failure can eventually lead to complete data loss. We have free hard drive recovery software that is not that effective in recovering lost hard disk data. The Premium version of Advanced Disk Recovery can assist you in regaining all your data from your corrupted hard drive or any other storage device. We have briefed you about the best tool here. We believe these insights can be useful in using it.

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