How To Speed Up Your PC With PC Cleaning Software

Speed Up Your PC With the Best PC Cleaner Software Understand that there could be certain reasons why your computer is sluggish...

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Speed Up Your PC With the Best PC Cleaner Software

Understand that there could be certain reasons why your computer is sluggish and you just need to get rid of those reasons positively. Talking about them, constant use of computers causes a lot of changes like drive getting full, hardware failure, clutter getting settled in the nooks and corners of the computer and more.

Other reasons which could slow down your computer include software glitches and virus intrusion. This is common for everyone so don’t get annoyed. Look for the tips to speed up your PC here.

Tips To Speed Up Your PC

1. PC Cleaning Software

A good PC cleaning software means proper cleaning and optimization for Windows. Moreover, if it’s affordable then this is all you need. One such software is Advanced System Optimizer by Systweak.


Advanced System Optimizer is an easy and affordable solution for cleaning your computer as it can find out clutter and junk files from your PC within a few seconds alone. It can defragment your hard drive so that data allocation becomes easier. Forget about unexpected crashes and disk slowdown because the tool is going to take care of it all.

ASO is good enough in protecting your system’s privacy as the cookies and browsing history is deleted. Moreover, encryption of important files from prying eyes makes sure that your data is kept secure.

It even acts as a Windows optimizer where boosting of games with improved performance takes place. You can enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience as the memory optimization becomes a part of your system.

How about a tool who can also take backup and recover your files like videos, audio files, photos and documents? Well, Advanced System Optimizer is best in performing all the functions at the same time.

2. Remove Larger Files

Your computer settles a lot of large files after constant usage for years. And these files become a reason for clutter and sluggishness. These large files can constitute temporary files, setup log files, offline web pages, offline web pages and leftovers from older installs. Now you can choose to search all these files manually but this is certainly not easy for you. It is best to go for a smart tool which can do it for you. Thankfully, Advanced System Optimizer can do it for you.

3. Stop Heavy Tasks & Programs

If your system is using a lot of RAM, CPU power and hard drive space then you might need to stop all the heavy programs running in the background. Open Windows Task Manager and see which are the programs which are using the power.

For this, right click the ‘Start’ icon and select ‘Task Manager’. Go to the ‘Processes’ tab and select the specific program which is occupying resources. Select it and choose ‘End Task’ mentioned beside the process. There will be a considerable change in the performance of the computer as CPU draining is reduced.

4. Clean The Recycle Bin

We often delete the files and feel that they are out of the system but the truth is that they are still occupying the space in your computer because the recycle bin contains them. It is necessary that you keep emptying the recycle bin on a regular basis in order to maintain the space.

5. Get Rid Of Unused Browser Extensions

Sometimes it’s only the browser which is running slow. It could be unused browser extensions which are bogging down the speed of the browser. Consider removing these extensions regularly so that the speed is maintained smoothly. No matter which browser you use, make sure that browser extensions are managed.

6. Run The Troubleshooter

Some hidden running processes may not allow you to speed up the system and the best way to fix it is running the troubleshooter. Go to Troubleshoot settings in the search bar and as the page opens, click ‘Run the troubleshooter’ for analysis of system issues. This troubleshooter will automatically find all the things which are impacting performance and fix them on time.

7. Upgrade The Computer’s Hardware

There could be mechanical issues which are limiting the performance of your computer. This is why you must keep it updated to the latest demands of software. In order to increase the performance in a better manner, you can look for these options depending on the slowdown of the computer.

  • Upgrade computer’s RAM for better task handling functions.
  • Upgrade your GPU for better performance and high definition video.
  • Switch your HDD for an SSD

Wrap Up

We hope that you will follow these steps and methods mentioned above in order to speed up your system performance and optimize it. We highly recommend you to try Advanced System Optimizer in your system as it is the best PC optimizer for you all.

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