How to Write a Correct Bibliography for The Assignment?

The most annoying and time-consuming part of any piece of paper is the bibliography. Sometimes it can even be a challenge! For...

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The most annoying and time-consuming part of any piece of paper is the bibliography. Sometimes it can even be a challenge! For example, if you are confused by the different styles of quotes. That’s why personalized writing experts have prepared a quick guide for you to create the perfect bibliography. Some formatting tips are included too! First of all, you don’t have to worry about this awful part of your job. A bibliography is simply a list of all the sources, such as books and articles, that you used to create your project. No matter how short your writing assignment is, you may need to include a list of references.

What is a bibliography?

Whenever you use a book, magazine, or web page for your essay, it should be mentioned in a special list called the Bibliography. Even if you don’t cite the source, but only use it for a general understanding of the subject, you should still cite it there. To cite a source in the text, all you need to do is provide the author’s name and publication date. The link to this then leads to your bibliography and any additional information needed there. However, this depends on the type of source and the style of the citation. If you’re not familiar with the different styles and quote requirements, check out our time-saving guide!

What is the difference between a reference and a bibliography?

There is a subtle difference between a reference and a bibliography. The main difference between them is the list of sources. When passing, you must include all the sources used in the mapping in the list. In the case of a bibliography, you must include all sources in the list, including those that do not have direct references to the citation but have been cited. A bibliography is an extended version of the reference in which all sources, direct or indirect, are given. There are two forms of bibliography, APA and MLA. The APA format is perfect for the social sciences, while the MLA format is perfect for the humanities and arts.

How to Write a bibliography?

To give you a better idea of ​​how to create a bibliography for an assignment, we’ve created detailed instructions.

  • A well-constructed and structured bibliographic index indicates how familiar the author is with the literature on the research topic. This list has independent value as a reference for other researchers and is a bibliographical guide. The bibliography is placed after the main text of the work.
  • When creating a bibliographic reference list for a printed work, it is not recommended to provide a list of sources attached to the study with titles that are not personal. It is desirable that the title of the list gives an idea of ​​\u200b\u200b the composition.
  • When selecting material for a bibliography, different arrangements of the bibliographic description are possible.
  • The most common is alphabetical order, i.e. the order of bibliographic descriptions in strict alphabetical order of the author and the title of the publication (if the author’s last name is not indicated). The works of an author are arranged alphabetically according to the name of the work, works by the author of the same name – in alphabetical order from initials. When listing the work of an author, the surname and initials are given without being replaced by a hyphen. The alphabetical method can be used when the list is small and deals with narrow questions. Different letters should not be mixed in the same order.
  • In chronological order, materials are sorted by year of publication and, in each year, alphabetically by author or book title. The chronological order allows you to view the research history of each question. Reverse chronological order is recommended for works whose primary focus is on the current edition.
  • In a systematic bibliographical arrangement, bibliographic descriptions are arranged according to the branch of science, individual questions, and topics in the logical subordination of each title. Systematic sections are best placed according to the chapters of the manuscript or key questions on the topic. General literature on the topic, in general, is recommended to be distributed in special rubrics.
  • It is not uncommon for literature to be arranged in the order of the first mentioned in the text. However, this arrangement makes the list difficult to use because it is difficult to see the scope of the subject and it is difficult to verify which author’s work has a link in the material. The list compiled in this way is not exhaustive as it contains only the literature cited and cited in the text and does not reflect any other work used.

Rules for creating a bibliography

Here are some basic rules for designing a bibliography.

  • The bibliography uses continuous numbering from all sources.
  • The bibliography contains all the material cited in the text.
  • Scientific works first mention the official literature in the bibliography, then the classic works of science, followed closely by alphabetical works of domestic and foreign authors published in the mother tongue, then foreign authors and domestic authors published in the Indonesian language. foreign.
  • If multiple works by the same author are cited, they are sorted alphabetically by title.
  • The order of links in articles is based on the rules of the scientific journal in which the article will be published.
  • The bibliographic description contains information about the document, which is defined according to certain rules and is used for identification and general characteristics of the document, and is included in the bibliographic record.

Now you have a basic idea of ​​how to write a bibliography for a term paper. These are the basic rules for writing a proper bibliography. However, if you’re having trouble writing a to-do list, you can contact the academic writing service for help so you don’t get a lower grade and have templates for your future projects.


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