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Export Gmail to Thunderbird in easy or best way the software helps you to import Gmail to thunderbird without any waste of...

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Export Gmail to Thunderbird

Hi, if you want to data Export Gmail to Thunderbird? Then, you don’t need to get hyper and don’t get so much stress…

Just take a long breath and read our blog it gives a 100% guaranty that your data safe and securely Export Gmail to Thunderbird | in just an easy or best way manual and professional solution that gives you quick and fastest result. So let’s we start…

How to Import Gmail to Thunderbird – The complete Solution

The entire Gmail to Thunderbird data conversion process may be broken down into two sections. We must first save the data from your Gmail account to an MBOX file, and then open that MBOX file in Thunder. Let us go over each of the sections one by one.

Download/ Copy your data from Gmail via Google Takeout

In the first part of our activity, we’ll use Google Takeout to extract Gmail data on your local system. For downloading Gmail account emails in MBOX file format, follow these steps:

  1. Verify that you are using the correct credentials to access your Gmail account. Then, using your browser, go to Google Takeout.
  2. You may go to the Google Takeout website.
  3. In the “Select data to include” section, choose which data should include. You must select “Deselect All.” Scroll down and just choose “Mails” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Under Mail Category, you’ll find “All mail data included.” If you want to modify this and only export emails from Selective folders, go to the option and choose the folders you want to export from.
  5. Select “Next step’ from the drop-down menu. As a distribution option, choose to transmit Download Link through Email. as the file type and the file size that you want.
  6. To begin the process, select Create Archive from the drop-down menu.
  7. Check your Gmail account for the MBOX file link, since the archiving process might take several hours depending on the size of your mailbox.
  8. When you receive the email, click the link to download the MBOX file.

Manual Solution to Download Thunderbird to Gmail

The manual solution is excellent for laypeople who want to transfer data from Gmail to Thunderbird for a single person. Its solution will give you dzire results. However, if you want to convert at a high level or for a business,

You are not the company’s IT administrator, nor do you have the authority to export Gmail to Thunderbird for all employees. Then you should use the Gmail Converter application, which will be advantageous to you.

As a working person, I feel that “time is money, and I don’t have time to squander in the migration process.” If I am in such circumstance, as you are, I am damn sure that I can simply go with a professional solution without hesitating or wasting a second.”

We all know that the migrating process isn’t as simple as drinking a cup of tea. We had to put in a lot of effort for data migration, but this program provided fantastic results.

Import MBOX to Thunderbird with Gmail Converter

To access your Gmail data, you must first save it in MBOX format and then import it into Thunderbird. PCDOTS Gmail Converter is a well-known tool for importing MBOX files into Mozilla Thunderbird. The utility preserves the original folder structure and Meta information of the source MBOX file during file import. This is how you use this utility to import MBOX files.

Step-by-step guides

Download and Run the software on your pc.

download and run

Click on the open menu and choose MBOX file format or the Google Takeout option.

Upload your MBOX file into the software.

After that, you can view your data in the tool.

Then, click on the Export Option and click the Thunderbird option.

export thunderbird

Now, select Save Button, and your process will be started.

save option

Finally, you can easily take your output.

Software Features

  1. The tool can quickly move a large number of files from Gmail to Thunderbird in one go without losing any data.
  2. It is completely free, extremely secure, and compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system. It also comes in two different variations. The demo version allows you to migrate 10 files at once, while the licenced version allows you to migrate an infinite number of files at once.
  3. All emails transferred from Gmail to Thunderbird are kept in their original format and style by the software.
  4. The user may successfully extract email features such as attachments, phone numbers, and email addresses. Also, the file format may be exported to PDF, PST, HTML, and CSV, as well as to other email services including Gmail, IMAP, and Office 365.
  5. The software may do numerous processes at once, saving users a significant amount of time and effort.


In this blog, we disuse how to transfer Gmail to Thunderbird in the easy or best way. After that, we learn about How to Export Gmail to thunderbird the complete solution. Then we have been learning about how to copy Gmail data via Google takeout. Then we disuse how to use PCDOTS Gmail Converter software steps-by-step guide. I hope this blog is Fruit full for you.

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