Complete Guide about Selecting an IoT Device Management Platform

Internet of Things Device Management refers to the power of devices to access remotely, diagnose, and manage the functions of the deployed...

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IoT Devices

Internet of Things Device Management refers to the power of devices to access remotely, diagnose, and manage the functions of the deployed Internet of Things devices. There are many factors that show why the ability of the device is necessary. IoT consultant play an important role in helping you to understand the ability of devices.

These key factors are the diameter of your network, despite the fact that your device is accessible physically or how widely your devices are geographically spread. You will have to keep all the devices in check regardless of the device number or locations and update the device abilities periodically as well as intelligence with the firmware updates, or by downloading the patches of security to make sure that the devices are updated secure, and in agreement.

Basically, an Internet of Things platform is a completely integrated service that provides everything you require to link and manage all the device connections simultaneously and gives you the permission to configure all the devices for easy machine-to-machine communications. In other words, IoT platforms, like other tools, take care of the IoT complex structure while allowing you to keep your focus on the business and products.

To be honest, defining all the available types of IoT platforms offered in the market is near to impossible. All the types of IoT platforms don’t fit together in one small box, and some vendors focus on just one area while other vendors offer you more than just one part of IoT. Despite that, each one of them has something good to offer and something which can fit into your business.

Selecting an Internet of Things platform for your business is not simple and mostly depends upon the idea and model of your business, your profit plans, resources, and the type of IoT device that you want to construct. 

After a lot of research, we have gathered some simple ways through which you can select a perfect IoT device management platform for your business.

Market Durability

One of the essential factors to keep in mind is that for how long has the vendor been in the market, and it is the same when you want to select any IoT platform. IoT, as compared to any other space or industry, is still relatively new, and that means the vendors have not been around in this industry for this long. Yet, you should still keep in mind that the business still has customers and a good business model which can help you to get investment returns for linking your assets and operations.


This part focuses on how you want to connect your operations or product to the Internet. For this, you will need IoT hardware, and for that, you will have to look for a platform that should be compatible with the hardware you have selected for the device. Some of the IoT platforms don’t come with IoT hardware and claim to be hardware irrational, giving you the false hope that it can be used with any hardware. While it may sound pleasing but you should invest in two IoT technologies, including a hardware platform and an IoT platform, which can be difficult if the integrations between different vendors won’t work well.


Does the platform cover all the needs of your business? For example, is the platform provides the newest cellular connectivity IoT protocols, including Cat-M1. Does the platform give global support with embedded SIM? These are some of the important points that you should keep in mind while searching for a connectivity model.

Device Management

Many IoT platforms do provide some sort of device management, but it is good to try those out if you can and then compare the features offered by different vendors. At least, the platform should allow you to link devices to the Internet, send remote devices software updates, organize administration roles, and integration set up.

Internet of Things Data

How does the platform handle the data generated from your business? Does it allow you to store and process the data at any given moment or restrict your actions? Also, try to consider the data routing and analytical tools which are offered by the vendors, try, and compare them before selecting one. This can help your business to gain profit from the gathered information.

Privacy / Security

How does the offered platform ensure the security and privacy of the IoT solutions? Does it take care of your privacy? Check if the platform has the latest privacy certifications like SoC 2 Type II. Also, make sure that the offered model will impact your business in future.


How a vendor integrates the stuff that you require for IoT like the cellular modems, sim cards, diagnostics of devices, updates of software, security, and other stuff into a small package that could be accessed by the engineering team.

Domain Expertise

Developing an IoT solution is not easy and requires expert help to build a device. Look at the support services that each IoT platform is providing and compare it with all the other ones. Look for the product working and connectivity of the platforms if you don’t have IoT experts in your team to look for a platform which can provide professional engineering services and help you in development too along with manufacturing of the platform.


Selecting an IoT device management platform for your business is not easy, and it takes a lot of effort to list down all the requirements and find those in one platform. An IoT devices consultant can help you to discuss the business model and get an IoT device management platform of your choice. 3STechLabs has expert IoT consultants who can help you understand everything about the IoT device management platform and help you find the best platform for the growth of your business. 

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