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Kotlin vs Java: Learning the Basic Differences

Kotlin is a programming language, which is used for Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Kotlin comes up with useful components that support Java...

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Kotlin vs Java

Kotlin is a programming language, which is used for Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Kotlin comes up with useful components that support Java interoperability. It increases the productivity of Java and you can get familiar with improved syntax extensions, abstractions, concise expressions, etc. Since 2019, Kotlin is widely used for Android development and it makes use of compiler technology. It’s an open-source platform and can be used to develop applications on Java, JavaScript, Android, etc. It can be used to develop both server-side, client-side or web applications. So, the technology comes up with all modern aspects and you can now opt for the Android development. It helps you to learn how Android apps feature a smarter form of technology.

Kotlin vs Java

Here, you would get a clear view of Kotlin vs Java. Java is an object-oriented language and it comes up with advanced features. Apart from developing Android apps, Java is used for manifold other development works.

Here is a brief view of the benefits of using Java:

  • Java comes up with advanced functionalities and works well for native as well other platforms.
  • It turns out with an open-source system that enables you to develop applications at your ease.
  • You can write the Java codes easily and it comes up with good outputs. Using Java, you can develop the application faster and thus it saves time and effort.
  • Web applications developed using Java are lighter and thus it becomes easy to handle the applications.
  • Java is used specifically used to develop Android applications. Thus, the Android apps contain certain Java libraries, which help in further development process.
  • Java is easy to learn and you can easily get an idea of the components.

So, you get a clear idea of how java is used to develop Android applications. It improves the status of Android applications and also you can come up with a comprehensive interface. It helps users to use the applications free from any worries and thus you can learn how Java brings in beneficial solutions.

Next, Kotlin came up when there is the requirement of a modern language to develop the Android apps. It incorporates similar Java features and brings modernization in Android app development. You can compile Kotlin with Java and thus it comes up with all positive facets you want. There is the option to transfer your works from java to Kotlin and you can thus keep on writing the codes.

Here you get a brief view of the benefits of using Kotlin:

  • Kotlin helps in building clean applications with all the features working in the right way.
  • Kotlin helps in using Java libraries and frameworks and thus you can create customized Android apps. You can use the null value in Kotlin and thus it makes the development process easier.
  • Kotlin also gives access to the Anko library and the developers can get a good collection of projects here.

Overall, you can get a clear idea of the benefits of Kotlin and you need to choose either java or Kotlin to develop the Android applications.

Learning the Important Features of Java and Kotlin

Here you would learn the important features of Java, which are absent in Kotlin. The features are:

  • Checked expectations come up with the error recovery option and it helps in writing robust codes.
  • Java comes up with statis members while there are no static members in Kotlin. Statis refers to a specific member identifying itself rather than any other value.
  • Java turns out with the wildcard types where you can use local variables and other parameters. You can thus use java with improved functionality. However, Kotlin has no widlcart types.
  • Java contains the primitive types, which are char, double, float, and byte. These types carry the simple value and they are predefined in Java. Kotling has no primitive classes and it’s the modern programming language to develop Android apps.

Next, you would get a clear view of the features of Kotlin, which are absent in Java:

  • Kotlin comes up with extension functions that help you to import a reference. However, you won’t get the extended functionality in Java.
  • NullPointerExceptions is one of the major issues you may face while using Java. Using Kotlin you can easily solve this issue, as it makes the values non-nullable by default.
  • Next, using Kotlin you can assign dynamic values using String templates. There is an option to input dynamic values in Java.

Using Kotlin you can easily deal with the redundant casts and you don’t have to check the type. Kotlin checks the cast using ‘is operator’.Hence, you can learn the basic facts of Kotlin vs Java for Android. It’s time to choose a suitable platform to develop Android applications. You need to hire dedicated developers offering kotlin development services and it gives you the best experience.

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