Make Your House Pest-free This Holiday Season

It’s the most anticipated time of the year as people finally get an opportunity to spend this holiday season with their near...

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It’s the most anticipated time of the year as people finally get an opportunity to spend this holiday season with their near and dear ones. But, it’s also that time of the year when your property is highly likely to be infested by pests. This calls for being extra careful when preparing your home for guests and feasts.

Hiring a professional pest exterminator is one option, but there are many other things you must take into account in order to ensure your house remains pest-free this holiday season. Here, we have discussed some of them:

Inspect Trees & Plans for Pests Before Bringing Them Inside

Some insects prefer to hide in Christmas trees, where they may take a ride and finally make their way inside your home. This is a somewhat uncommon occurrence, but it does happen to a few homes each year. That’s why, this Christmas season, we recommend inspecting your tree and any other flora you bring into your home for pests.

Insects ranging from ants to spiders have been reported to infest pine and fir trees, and bug eggs may be present inside your Christmas tree as well. Poinsettias, however, are vulnerable to mites, gnats, and flies, and firewood is known for attracting termites.

To summarize, this season, every vegetation entering your home should be scrutinized and, if feasible, left outside for at least 24 hours. Particularly, you should store firewood outside of your home, and damp wood should never be brought inside.

Don’t Take a Lot of Time Before Cleaning Up After Every Meal

The week between Thanksgiving and New Year’s (and you may throw in Halloween for good measure, just for the sweets) is undoubtedly the most overindulgent of the entire year. If you enjoy cooking and/or have a big family, you’ll likely spend a lot of time in the kitchen during this time. That’s why it’s critical to clean up completely over the holidays, lest you wind up with an insect or roach infestation.

Scrub all counters to remove any crumbs or scents that might attract insects. Clean sinks, toilets, and showers on a regular basis to reduce the sort of damp, humid atmosphere that many insects thrive in. To prevent pests from creeping inside, try to plug holes and cracks around your house and get weather-strip doors and windows.

Furthermore, regularly wash sheets. This will help getting rid of bed bugs and dust mites. If you aren’t taking care of this things, your holiday season can get ruined, particularly due to bed bugs.

Store Leftover Food Properly

With all of the Christmas excitement, it’s easy to overlook cleaning up our leftovers properly. Food is occasionally left out overnight, or dirty dishes accumulate in the sink. It should be avoided at all costs. Food that is not properly packaged attracts worms, insects, roaches, and rodents, as well. This December, ensure all leftover food is tightly packed in air-tight containers and stored in the refrigerator. Check the expiration dates on everything you buy, since letting food go bad is another typical way for people to introduce bugs into their homes.

Store Christmas Decorations with Care

Your Christmas decorations are likely to be stored in cardboard boxes in dark and warm basements for the most of the year. As a result, your decorations might be an excellent breeding ground for a range of pests. Keep this in mind when you unpack your Christmas decorations this season, and keep an eye out for any unexpected pests that may escape into the rest of the house. We recognize that storing Christmas decorations in the cardboard boxes they came in is common and convenient, but it’s important that you seal these boxes as firmly as possible so that pests have a harder time infiltrating them.

Take Extra Care

Always remember the fact that the presence of one cockroach or mouse typically suggests that there are many hiding in your walls or in gaps and corners around your home. That’s why, if you see any pests in your house this Christmas season, buy traps straight soon to prevent the situation from getting worse.And, of course, you shouldn’t hesitate in contacting pest control professionals. Make sure to select a company that provide inspections and treatment year-round, including organic treatments, to ensure that everyone on your property is fully safe. To summarize, if you’re concerned that you’ll find something much worse than coal in your stocking this year, contact professional pest exterminators at your earliest. Make sure the company specializes in bed bugs, rats, mice, and pavement ant control services. Also, get a quote from them when consulting with them.

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