Mosquito Control – How Do Mosquitoes Multiply in the Winter Season? 

Well the answer is simple, summer usually fulfils basic requirements for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Although in winter, the mother hides...

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Well the answer is simple, summer usually fulfils basic requirements for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Although in winter, the mother hides the eggs in a place so the eggs can hatch easily in winters. If you are looking for solutions to keep mosquitoes away from your house, then take a step today and call Marietta mosquito control service.

Let’s take a look how mosquito characteristics help them multiply in winter.

Characteristics of Mosquitoes:

  • Mosquitoes are Attracted to Water, Nectar and Blood

All mosquitoes feed on water. But, female mosquitoes feed only on nectar and blood to fulfil the requirements of babies. Yes! That’s true, female mosquitoes are the only ones who bite living beings. Female mosquitoes usually require a blood diet or flower nectar to lay eggs. Besides, a mosquito always lays eggs on stranded water. If you have a kid at home, make sure no water spills or puddles are nearby as they will double up the chances of mosquito society being born. Mosquitoes usually feed on plants that fill in their troughs with water for hydration. To sum it up, standing water-filled puddles or pits are a favorable place for mosquitoes to breed. 

  • Mosquitoes are Looking for Sheltered and Cool Spaces

The Sun radiates the same heat for all living beings, it depends on the creature what kind of reaction it will have. Standing a whole day in bright sunlight is enough to make you sick and dehydrated. People usually recommend carrying a water bottle to stay hydrated in extreme temperatures so, you don’t feel nauseated and dizzy. Similarly, no matter what animal or insect it is, heat is the same for everyone. Mosquitoes don’t like buzzing around in sunlight, they look for a shelter and a cold place to settle down. A lot of smoke and chemical fumes have depleted the bottom layer of the Ozone layer to a vast degree.

Soon the consequences will be worse. It is possible that during high-temperature, the mosquitoes might be residing in the zone and settled back in high-end shrubs. Check your property for any hides that are favorable for mosquito swarms. Mosquito spraying service is a perfect remedy to zone out mosquitoes in winters, so that no new mosquitoes are born and no diseases multiplied. Timely mosquito control is necessary to avoid spreading of diseases and unnecessary bite marks on the skin. To prevent multiplying of mosquitoes, keep your surrounding clean.

Learn how Mosquitoes Behave in Winter:

  • Specific Scents attracts Mosquitoes

Do you know every scent smells different to another person due to body sweat and fluctuating skin vitals. If you think bringing flowers will be tactical process and portray feminism. Its better to choose a mosquito repelling product. Perfumes, air fresheners, deodorants, and other odors are known to attract mosquitoes. Choose flowers that have a strong smell and are unable to meet the requirements of nurturing mosquitoes. 

  • Love Dark Colors

Statistics suggest that mosquitoes are attracted to dark shades colors. Not only garments, as a matter of fact anything with dark deep shade is a preferable object for a mosquito to reside on. Although, these buzzing creatures use their eyes as weapons and sometimes attack only the people with such colors. For example, if you are going for a walk with your bud. Have you noticed that your friend’s head is covered with a swarm of mosquitoes and everyone else is left out. It is better to wear bright colors in summers, if you know the area is clearly on surveillance by feisty mosquitoes.

  • Mosquitoes Hibernate in Winter

You might be wondering, where do mosquitoes go in winters and are nowhere to be seen? Well, mosquitoes can settle among us only in limited temperatures. When temperatures drop down further, they choose hibernation and settle in debris, bins, leaves, tree trunks, etc. Besides, if a female mosquito is about to lay eggs and winter approaches, then they lay their eggs in standing water. So, when the summer approaches, the eggs warm up and hatch easily. Cut down the shrubs and long bushes from your garden. They are a great hideout for these creatures in winters. It is indeed important that you take preventive measures soon before the spring starts as mosquitoes are improbable insects which transmit diseases sportingly. Make sure to plant some mosquito repelling plants like lavender, If your house is spontaneously swarmed up with mosquitoes.

Summing it Up:

Marietta mosquito pest control and prevention services are effective in getting rid of all mosquitoes and hatch lings. Then, no mosquito will be able to cultivate an army and attack humans so soon. Be patient and make sure to clean your surroundings. Mosquitoes usually breed in favourable conditions like standing water, in trash, blocked drainage system, etc. 

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