Can I record WhatsApp calls with the call recorder application?

WhatsApp is the most popular social app that we have ever come across over the last ten years. The messaging app has...

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WhatsApp is the most popular social app that we have ever come across over the last ten years. The messaging app has owned by Facebook, and people love to use it on cell phones devices, and to some extent desktop devices. The instant messaging app has billion of users worldwide, and it is a cross-platform messaging app.

Popular usages of WhatsApp

Users love to use the social messaging app for messaging, chat, voice calls, voice messages, and sharing media files. You can also share documents via instant messaging to employees, employers, loved ones, friends, and family members. So, the social networking app has several usages, and it is helping out people from every walk of life.

How much WhatsApp calls are important for users?

Users all over the world love to use the social app because it enables users to make voice and video calls without paying a single penny. It uses mobile phone camera for making video calls, and let users speak, listen, and watch live video of each other in a voice conversation. WhatsApp has dozens of features, but voice calls are epic.

Top Features of WhatsApp messaging app

  • Instant messaging
  • Voice calls
  • Photo sharing
  • Video sharing
  • Unsent messages
  • Group chats
  • & Many More…..!

Why people are trying to record WhatsApp calls?

VoIP calls were impossible to record and listen to a couple of years ago, but over the years technology has become so advanced. Nowadays, you can record and listen to the voice calls incoming and outgoing, and also save the data somewhere. WhatsApp VoIP call recording app is the best tool to get the job done.

To listen to kids voice conversations with strangers

Today, teens are more likely to interact with strangers online. So, they can exchange WhatsApp with strangers and start making voice calls. Teens can share privacy via video calls and often become the victim of revenge porn. Teens also share plenty of things on voice calls with strangers that could breach their privacy. Online dating is one of the dangerous issues among teens that are rising, and today WhatsApp allowing the teen to date with strangers and online predators online.

To listen to what your employees are talking about on WhatsApp

Business professionals are desperately searching for recording voice calls of employees on WhatsApp to know how employees are dealing with clients on business devices. Nowadays, employers can record voice and video calls (one-sided) on android phones and tablets unless they have the best cell phone monitoring software. Let’s get to know how you can record WhatsApp calls with VoIP call recording application.

What is WhatsApp call recording App?

It is a piece of an application and pack in cell phone spy software. It means you have to install the phone spy application on your target device, and then you can get your hands on the Voice call recording app. It empowers you to record and listen to WhatsApp conversations without rooting the target device. VoIP call recording software is the best application feature that record one-sided voice and video calls, and you can send the recorded data to the dashboard.

How to install WhatsApp call recording software on target phone?

You need to have the best cell phone monitoring software on the target device active with instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. The initial step would be getting access to the best phone tracking application, and you can visit OgyMogy phone spyware.

 You need to subscribe to the best call recording software, and you will receive a password and ID via email. Further, get physical access to the target non-rooted phone, and start the installation process.

You need to configure the application and complete the activation process. Further, get access to the online dashboard, and you have to use the sync setting button and activate WhatsApp monitoring software.

Top WhatsApp monitoring app features

WhatsApp call recording

Users can record live WhatsApp calls on non-rooted cellphone devices. VoIP call recorder is the best tool to record one-sided calls without root. You can save the data of the recorded calls data to the dashboard.

WhatsApp call logs

You can monitor and track the messaging app logs, chat logs, voice and video calls using the call recording app for messaging app.


Users can capture messaging app screenshots and schedule plenty of screenshots using an online dashboard.

Screen recording

Screen recorder software empowers you to record live videos of phone screens active with WhatsApp and send the data to the dashboard.


WhatsApp call recorder is one of the best tools of call recording app. You can use it for spying on kids and employees.

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