The Benefits of Using Google’s Custom Link Shortener

A leading provider of URL shortening and URL redirect services today has introduced a new service called Blink. Link in bio is...

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A leading provider of URL shortening and URL redirect services today has introduced a new service called Blink. Link in bio is a free, easy to use, tool for creating highly efficient, customized, URL shortening that meets today’s web standards and is easy to set up. URL shortening is a fast, easy way to boost your online presence by getting faster, better results.

Blink enables you to instantly replace long, clumsy URLs with more friendly, purpose-oriented short links which help gain more click throughs. It also provides a powerful feature to easily create automatic campaigns and generates accurate, real time click through rate with advanced, real time tracking and provides unmatched control and compliance with industry-leading security and authenticity. URL redirects are a popular option with webmasters who need to shift their long, outdated domain names with the aim to rejuvenate their brand image or establish a new one. They are also ideal for redirecting email messages and securing higher ranking in search engine pages.

The ultimate goal of URL shortening is to provide a better user experience with less typing and more convenience. Custom Biolink shorteners such as Blinks offer the benefits of shortened URLs without losing the original keyword content or losing the targeted relevance of the website. In fact, with a fully optimized custom URL shortener, your URL’s are automatically replaced with one or more pre-designed URLs (retargeting pixels) that have been carefully chosen and placed on the page. This process eliminates the need for the user to physically go to the URL’s destination.

A major advantage of using a custom shortener is to improve your conversion rate and increase overall website visibility and traffic. With Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, search engines have become stricter when it comes to targeting specific keywords. For example, a website may be banned from showing in Google’s search results if it includes a banned term in the URL. By using a custom link shortener, you can avoid this issue altogether.

Another advantage of using shortened URLs is to improve your website’s search engine rankings. One of the reasons why certain URL’s are highly targeted is because they specifically point to relevant websites and content. Google and other search engines are looking for exact matches so that users searching for a certain term will get exactly what they are looking for, which is a shortened version of the original long url. This makes it easy for users to search for terms and browse through pages quickly, rather than navigating through long url’s.

The final benefit of URL shortening services is that it is fast and convenient. When using a custom domain link shortener, you don’t have to worry about manually posting the URL to every website. Instead, you simply submit a single URL to your custom domain name, and any websites that you wish to share links with will automatically use your shortened URL. This saves you time and effort. By submitting one URL, you can share links with up to two thousand websites, which is more than half the traffic visiting Google.

The final benefit of using a custom domain link shortener is that it improves your website’s conversion rates. It is not uncommon for a user to spend only a few seconds viewing your page before leaving, so having your link shorten allows these visitors to stay longer on your page and read your content. If you perform some simple ab testing on these sites, you might find that your conversion rates go up, simply because you made your link easy to find and faster to navigate.

So, do yourself a favor and start using a shortener for your custom domain. You’ll notice an increase in traffic and an increase in conversions. And, of course, it’s cheaper than the alternative, which is to pay for AdWords to boost your rankings. Do some ab testing to see which strategies work best for you. I’m sure you’ll be happy you did.

How to Use Link in Bio to Promote Your Brand on Instagram

It’s easy to get lost on Instagram and end up posting the same generic, same-old Link in bio. It’s tempting to add your own URL, but this is just wasting space. Instead, use a link in your bio to direct followers to your website or product page. Here are a few tips to make this work:1. Use relevant hashtags. Adding branded hashtags is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website.

Offer multiple choices to your followers. For example, if you run a blog, put a link to it. If you have a Youtube channel, include a link to your YouTube channel. People use videos as part of their brand journey, so a link in your bio allows them to do just that. In addition to links, a bio can also include an icon that takes them directly to your website. This will make it easy for your followers to find you.

Use tools for link in bio. Instagram’s link in bio is a limited space, but there are many tools to help you promote more links on Instagram. Most of these tools allow you to create a custom landing page that will have all your relevant links. This means that fewer people will be lost in the shuffle. Having a link in bio is important if you want to increase your social media engagement and boost your sales.

Links in bio should also include your website or YouTube channel. These two platforms are popular for brand promotion, and offer your followers a choice between several different platforms. Including a link to a website will increase your visibility on all platforms and help you build stronger relationships with followers. In addition to being useful for social media, a link in bio can also improve your marketing ROI. This tool is free and will help you grow your social media presence.

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