The Best Basic Types of Contact Lenses in Canada

Ordinary framed glasses are increasingly being replaced by contact lenses, whether as a vision correction tool or fashion accessory. Contacts are easy...

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Contact Lenses

Ordinary framed glasses are increasingly being replaced by contact lenses, whether as a vision correction tool or fashion accessory. Contacts are easy to use, maintain, replace and clean and look less like glasses. They have more aesthetic appeal than ordinary glasses and are capable of correcting various eye problems.

Types of Contact lenses

Contact lenses are available in multiple textures and colors and can suit the user’s preference. There are two types of contacts, rigid gas permeable contact lenses and soft contact lenses.

RGP lenses

Rigid gas-permeable or RGP lenses are made of harmful plastic material and allow the free flow of air into the eyes. They provide excellent vision among all other contact lenses so that your eyes can easily adjust to them in a short time. They are easy to wear and comfortable, and easy to take off. These lenses are easy to care for and maintain because they are prolonged in life if appropriately treated. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. RGP lenses are generally more slippery than other lenses and easily allow foreign bodies to enter the eye, so they should be worn and handled with extreme care and attention.

Soft lenses

Soft lenses combine soft polymer plastic and water, and oxygen to ensure healthy eyes through these lenses. Most of them also come with UV protection to protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. There are different types of soft-touch, including one-day disposable lenses, which are replaced with fresh ones every day. This is ideal for people who can’t regularly clean and maintain traditional contact lenses, especially those who travel a lot. It is also suitable for people who need to clean their lenses frequently in a day due to irritation caused by high protein production in their eyes.

Although they are more expensive than most contact lenses, disposable eyes reduce the chances of infection and increase the consumer’s comfort level.

Silicone: Extended wearable disposable soft contact lenses made from silicone hydrogel allow users to use the whole month with the hassle of replacement. They require more cleaning than daily disposable contact lenses but are relatively inexpensive. Cleaning is necessary but not in large quantities like RGP lenses. Compared to rigid gas permeable, these contacts allow less protein to accumulate and reduce the risk of eye infections.

High definition lenses are designed for users who need better and clearer vision at night. They help to create a sharp eye and also filter the light for relaxation.

The Toric Contact Lens was designed for observant users and came in both soft and RGP variants. Toric contact for astigmatism usually comes with two types of rotation, one for correction of astigmatism and the other for a sentence of short sight or long sight.

Artificial lenses

Artificial lenses are specifically designed for users suffering from eye diseases, natural eye defects or defects in the eye, and trauma due to trauma and help to hide these eye defects. Some are made to protect the eyes from the damage caused by too much light entering the eyes and keep the extra lights out, which gives the user much-needed comfort and relaxation.

Although worn by young people in general and women in particular, contact lenses are incredibly convenient for people who travel frequently and lead active lifestyles. Charm Optical Online Edmonton is a great place to compare prices and find the latest coupons from the top retailers for your popular contact lens brands.

Contacts are made from many sorts of plastic. The two maximum commonplace varieties of touch lenses are difficult and soft.

Hard contact lenses

The most commonplace kind of tough contact lens is a rigid fuel-permeable (RGP) lens. These lenses are normally made from plastic blended with different substances. They hold their shape firmly, but they permit oxygen flow through the lens to your eye.

RGP lenses are mainly useful for humans with astigmatism and a condition referred to as keratoconus. This is due to the fact they provide sharper vision than soft lenses whilst the cornea is erratically curved. People who have hypersensitive reactions or tend to get protein deposits on their contacts may also choose RGP lenses.

Soft contact lenses

Most people select to wear soft touch lenses. This is due to the fact they have a tendency to be greater relaxed and there are numerous alternatives. Here are some styles of gentle lenses.

Daily put on contacts. You put on these while you are wide awake and take away them whilst you fall asleep. Many are disposable, which means that you put on a new pair of contacts each day. Or you may pick contacts that remain longer and best need to be replaced as soon as a week, every two weeks, or each month. Some ophthalmologists suggest disposable daily wear contacts in case you use them just now and again.

Extended wear contacts. You can put on those while you sleep, however they need to be removed for cleaning at least as soon as a week. Fewer eye doctors recommend these contacts due to the fact they increase the danger of having a serious eye infection.

Toric contacts. These can accurate vision for human beings with astigmatism, though now not in addition to tough contact lenses. Toric lenses can be for each day or extended wear. But they often cost greater than different kinds of soft touch lenses.

Colored (tinted) contacts. Vision-correcting contact lenses can be tinted to trade the color of your eye. You can get them as each day put on, extended put on, and toric lenses.

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