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The Future Of Short Videos: 8 Trends For 2022

Among all the changes in 2020 and 2021, the main one was the anticipation of digital transformations. That would take place in...

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Short Videos

Among all the changes in 2020 and 2021, the main one was the anticipation of digital transformations. That would take place in the coming years and ended up influencing different platforms and content formats used by people and companies. The popularization of short videos was one of them – and it is here to stay. Ready to stay ahead of the curve?

Here are the top 8 trends, the short video creation and sharing app, for the segment in 2022.

1. Livestream e-commerce

Livestream e-commerce is transforming the online shopping experience. The format, which is very successful in China, uses live streaming platforms over the internet to sell products online. In the live, the presenter – or salesperson – shows all the details of a product, its uses, and applications and clears the doubts of the audience. The goal is to arouse the audience’s desire through an immersive experience. Thus the interactivity with the seller promotes more excellent reliability and public interest, leading to the completion of the purchase.

In 2021, Kwai was a social network to debut an e-commerce Livestream. While the seller presents the product, just click on the shopping cart icon that appears on the screen. And the consumer is directed to the item’s link – all without having to leave the live stream in the app.

2. Storytelling

Storytelling is the strategy of building a story using a well-crafted plot and an engaging narrative. The technique is applied through persuasive power. And if it is used in a commercial way, it helps to promote a business, product, or service.

The purpose of storytelling is to influence people to take a specific action, such as purchasing an item. It always has a target audience and seeks to speak the same language as that audience to become more accessible. And it is being widely used on short video platforms. With it, users are able to create content that has high engagement. They can also transforme certain subjects or information into a narrative that is more pleasant for their audience.

Entertainment is the connecting bridge between companies and consumers; the narrative of your story is the potentiating effect of your audience’s engagement. The proposal with this type of material is to highlight the purpose, values, and other relevant aspects of the business.

3. Brand personalities

As brands are more embedded in the digital environment, creating a personality was the perfect alternative to get closer to the public. Avatars, which increasingly acquire a human look, assume a prominent position.

Some brands are already betting on creating profiles aimed exclusively at these personalities. This is a trend that is expected to grow even more in short video editors. It can quickly and dynamically promote business positioning.

The humanization of the brand through its characters makes the consumer connect more and more. And get to know its mission, vision, and values. Customers come to understand who they are buying from, what brands stand for, and what they are like. From this bond formed, the chance of a sale is potentially more significant. With these personalities, brands are building trust and credibility via an almost human connection.

4. SEO for videos

The short video is a trend. That is here to stay, and it takes a lot of work to make it perform well. SEO, already widely used by companies to optimize their positioning in search engines. It can also bring success in search on video platforms.

If in texts, the keywords, hashtags, titles, and other details are used to ensure a better positioning in the search engines. In videos, it is no different. Investing in this feature can bring many benefits, such as greater video visibility and better brand association.

5. Community involvement

Community participation is crucial to the success of a video or live. Therefore, creators are attentive to the generation of collaborative content that involves the participation of those who are watching. This can be done via the creation of a hashtag, a challenge, or a unique filter. In addition to creating proximity to the public, it can drive a lot of engagement to the profile.

6. Real-time content

The internet has brought to the world the advantage of accessing any content anytime and anywhere. Just do a quick search to find someone posting live about a particular situation on the platforms. Because of this, content broadcast in real-time has become highly valued by users and even more by brands.

A live experience can take many formats, such as lectures, webinars, or live blogging. Because they happen in real-time and are generally available for a limited time. The content generates feelings of exclusivity and urgency in the audience.

7. Slow content

It’s a way to make content production processes more organic, fluid, and creative. The concept does not necessarily propose reducing the pace of postings but prioritizing quality and identity in creations.

Professionals who defend the movement believe that it is necessary to respect the creator’s time to generate good content. The idea is to be more flexible in terms of production and SEO rules. It leave aside the “autopilot” and create with more freedom in order to build pieces with identity, truth, and purpose.

8. Content production with tracks and effects

The creative effects and soundtracks are striking. They make all the difference in the cinematographic environment. They are now also gaining space in videos of up to 1 minute. It takes being creative to make a video original and unique. As a result, content that brings effects different from the usual ones to create striking public engagement goes viral.

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