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Top Seven Free Online Logo Design Software 2022

Today’s article summarizes the top 7 free logo design software available to use effectively and conveniently when you own a small business or are...

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Logo Design

Today’s article summarizes the top 7 free logo design software available to use effectively and conveniently when you own a small business or are a design believer. Recognizing and creating a brand logo for yourself and your business is extremely necessary. Especially in brand recognition, you are highlighting products and services for businesses. Let’s see some of the valuable logo design software.

What is a logo?

A logo is the representative of the brand of your organization or business, showing professionalism and identifying products and services unique to your business.

As a newly established business, it is challenging for customers to identify your company’s brand,  so designing a logo and brand identity to contact potential customers is something you cannot ignore. Are you still very confused? Here we will explain it to you: our business, our goods are the soul, and the brand, the buyer seeing you on the outside is the face that represents the prestige and trust of the customers who place their trust in the goods. So choosing a unit to help you do that is extremely important for the first time for your business. Let’s see why it’s so important:

Main reasons why  you need a logo design

  • Help create the impression of the professionalism of customers compared to your company;
  • Show that our company is really reputable;
  • Is the foundation to build a great brand;
  • Create a reminder for customers to buy goods and services;
  • Show exclusivity;
  • Helping you stand out in your field of expertise;
  • Convey the company’s message to customers;

Know the importance of logo in production as well as business. There are many logo design software products, from free to paid, of all kinds and ways for Internet users. The following will be seven free logo design software with good results provided by many different businesses worldwide.


DesignEvo is a free logo design software that offers premium and free logo packages. It has a vast collection of free templates on which we can create a logo based on them. Then edit the text,  colors, fonts, and many other elements, improving them to create our logo.

Alternatively, you can start a logo created from a blank template instead of the massive template library available. DesignEvo allows users to download designs in many formats: PNG, JPG, or PDF, depending on the user’s wishes.

Logotype Maker

In addition to DesignEvo, there is another logo design software that you can research and use: Logotype Maker. Not less than DesignEvo, Logotype Maker also owns a vast “memory” with 200 fonts, 1000 professional templates, and more than 600,000 vector images. That’s why you can unleash your creativity with all your impressive ideas completely free of charge with this logo design software. Besides being able to experience many attractive features of Logotype Maker, you can experience the package Paid for $24.99 or $39.99.

Flaming Text

This tool has particular advantages of product or brand logos, not mass production. With a capacity of thousands of beautiful icons, you can rest assured to choose for yourself a free, beautiful logo template with your style.

Each icon template is updated weekly, so you can rest assured that your logo design products will not be out of fashion.

Fast and correct is the advantage of Flaming text. The tool does not let you spend hours or weeks creating a logo but only takes time in minutes. You have the results for you to choose from, no loss. The time to change the setting path leads to another page.

For example, when entering text in the Logo Text box, the text will be displayed immediately without going to the next page to see the results. In addition, font selection is also made on the design page by various font templates you can easily choose from on the Website. Moreover, in the tool, there are many features to help you change the image of your logo design or super cool icons.


This free logo design software from SquareSpace is one of the most significant controversies in this article. Professional designers were not satisfied when it was officially released. The purpose of this tool was born to serve small and medium companies who want to find themselves a professional logo for free.

However, no one can deny the results that this tool brings. The easy drag and drop system and the smooth interface make it easy to design free online logos in an easy-to-understand way. Even the logo design product was born no less than a professional designer.   

Shopify Logo Maker

With Shopify software, it only takes a few easy steps. You can immediately create a complete logo design for your business. The image treasure is like a giant icon, updated regularly according to the trend. However, It is a free version of design software, so the probability of duplicate logo ideas is substantial. So try this logo design software carefully before you have any intention. 


Ucraft started contributing a place in the free online logo design software list. The highlight of this design software is that after using it, we can download a reasonable PNG file in both quantity and quality and high resolution for you to use for other purposes ultimately. That’s what makes logo design software – many companies use Ucraft to offer a background idea that is then passed on to the designer to complete their concept.


We can start the logo design activity with Designmantic by choosing the appropriate logo stylization, font style, and color from the available suggestions. Next, you only have to enter your business name and select a business field (out of 30 different industry options). Once you find a logo design, you feel good about it. You only have to change the colors and fonts for the logo to complete the design you want.  

Although this design software is free, downloading designs is likely to come with a specific fee   (downloading high-resolution images and vector files for printing). Unfortunately, this design software does not allow you to download unlimited designs.

However, this free logo design software will give you lots of good ideas and inspiration for logo design.


Design is not tricky, and it is problematic whether we know and find the supporting tools or not. The above free logo design software is typical and has the most users that we can count. Hopefully, you will be able to find yourself a valuable tool to work effectively, creating beautiful logos and products beyond that. Thank you for reading.

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