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There are many types of vape cartridge packaging. These vary in size, design, and cost. Blank boxes are a low-cost option and...

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There are many types of vape cartridge packaging. These vary in size, design, and cost. Blank boxes are a low-cost option and come in white or black colours. Plastic diagonal windows, available in different colours, are a stylish addition to these boxes. While there are many different types of vape cartridge packaging, some of the most popular are listed below. Read on to learn more. You may be surprised to learn that you can even customize vape cartridge packaging.

Customized vape cartridge packaging

Having your own customized vape cartridge packaging is a great way to make your purchases stand out among the crowd. The box itself is an advertising opportunity, letting your customers know exactly who you are and what your business offers. If it’s visually appealing, it can improve brand awareness and increase sales. Moreover, it can showcase your logo and brand image, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. Here are some ways to get your vape cartridge packaging looking good:

A custom box is a great way to make sure your products are as durable as possible. You can choose from paperboard, kraft paperboard, or corrugated wood, depending on the quality and thickness you need. Printed on them, these boxes look great and convey a premium message to customers. If you have a budget, you can use cardboard as your primary material. It will protect your products well and ensure crisp printing without sacrificing durability.


There are many types of vape cartridge packaging. There are flip-top boxes, cigar box-shaped boxes, and more. Flip-top boxes are designed to make it easy to open the cartridge without having to remove the lid. They also have a retail hanger so you can include more information. And if you plan to put them on a POP display, these types of packaging are ideal for it. But if you’re not sure what to choose, here are a few of the best options for you.

Cardboard boxes can be made from a variety of materials. Depending on the type of cardboard, you can buy a vape cartridge box with your company’s logo and contact details printed on it. Cardboard is one of the most versatile materials used in packaging, and you can get it in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can also print your logo and other advertising graphics to enhance the look of your packaging. The possibilities are endless with these types of packaging.


With the increased competition in the market, manufacturers are looking to develop unique, innovative ways to market their products. Vape cartridge packaging is an ideal way to differentiate your goods and elevate their reach. For starters, there are many different types of vape cartridge packaging available, including cardboard and plastic boxes. If you’re unsure of what types to choose, consider what’s most convenient for your consumers. After all, a carton box can be a simple option, but plastic boxes are often more attractive and durable.

The sizes of vape cartridge packaging differ depending on the number of cartridges inside. These are very delicate and should be placed in supporting foam to protect them from damage. Since vape cartridges are often transported over long distances, you need to be extra careful in how you pack your products. Beco Packaging offers several options for packaging your vape cartridges, including custom designs for your branding. Not only do you want to stand out from the competition, but you also want your packaging to make a good impression on your customers.

Compliance laws

The USPS intends to add new compliance laws for vape cartridge packaging as they apply to cigarette mail. Under these laws, only small packages of less than 10 ounces can be shipped in the mail. These packages must be for gifts or defective products. Manufacturers are encouraged to comply with these laws. Currently, there are no federal laws regulating the packaging of vape products. The federal government has set up a website for compliance with state regulations.

In Europe, laws and regulations govern the safety of medicinal products, such as e-cigarettes. Currently, most manufacturers of e-cigarettes do not comply with these regulations. According to the European Parliament, e-cigarettes could be regulated as either tobacco products or medicinal products. The latter category of products is regulated by the 2014/40/EU Directive, which places restrictions on advertising. If regulated as a medicinal product, they must follow the same regulations as other tobacco products, including rules on packaging and labelling.

Retail hanger

Purchasing a retail hanger for vape cartridge packaging will make it much easier to display your products. The retail hanger is ideal for packing a 0.5 or 1 ml oil cartridge, a dank vape cartridge, or a vaporizer vape pen. They can be customized with stickers and are retail-ready for quick assembly. The cardboard box is also sturdy enough to withstand external shocks and is easy to carry.

If you plan to sell your vape cartridges in retail stores or drugstores, choose a retail hanger. The hanger allows you to add more information to the box while keeping it secure while being displayed. The retail hanger can also be placed on top of the box for convenience when selling the product. It’s also ideal for displaying the product in retail stores because it allows for a convenient retail presence. Retail hangers also make the box more aesthetically appealing, so they’ll draw more customers.

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