Upcoming Digital Trends of 2022: Plan And Strategize Ahead

As time progresses, more and more events are making their way into the digital format and offering opportunities that didn’t exist before...

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As time progresses, more and more events are making their way into the digital format and offering opportunities that didn’t exist before the pandemic. While the businesses were able to adjust to the social media changes, organizations began to leverage virtual platforms to stay connected and move ahead. Nevertheless, we were able to foresee how these exciting trends and technologies were making way for the future.

The very influential and anticipated ones, in addition to the social media marketing, have been discussed below:

Tiktok is about to overtake its competitors

If you were born in the 90’s you would have experienced the era of Orkut, Facebook, and now Instagram. The visually appealing aesthetic of Gram has had our hearts for quite a long time. This fast-paced social media network was able to make higher returns on investments and establish brand communities. But, the game is about to change.

Quite surprisingly, it was able to grow fast and surpass the 1 billion user mark in 2021. Thereby, securing the fourth position in the most popular social network globally. While these are just the stats, it depicts that Tik Tok is far ahead of Instagram’s short-form video content.

But tables are about to roll. More businesses are becoming reliant on Tiktok, for the effective outreach of their business and products when collaborated. This social media network was able to introduce several helpful tools along the way. It includes business profiles, ads, and the creator’s marketplace, which significantly contributes to the success of its popularity and outreach alike.

Smaller social media networks will catch your attention and redirect your earnings

This might get you by surprise. The google search trends on consumer interest have shown how customers enjoy the ad content of smaller channels more than the bigger ones. TikTok ads are considered to be more inspiring and enjoyable, Snapchat ads have a greater outreach, create greater awareness and purchase intent, and Pinterest has cheaper conversation rates than other social networking sites.

The reason is, smaller channels are not as saturated as the content ads on Facebook and Instagram. In addition to this, people make content that fits the ads within the organic content, already being posted by regular users. Resultantly, the ads are more entertaining and less disruptive and increase conversions for businesses.

New battlegrounds for paid and organic content

Social media has been earning the most out of the paid and organic tactics. These are quite useful in generating engagement and awareness quickly. However, with time, brands will need a different set of strategies to engage with old customers and new customers. Channeling the strategies accordingly is going to be an uphill battle.

In addition to this, marketers are going to place special focus on the location and other geographic divisions, all while providing tailored content to their audience. With this approach, the local community members can avail new opportunities to collaborate with establishments (like an event), and grow their outreach. Location-based marketing is becoming a go-to tactic for brands and delivers the desired effectiveness.

Personalized Engagement will catch your attention

We have just stepped into an era where personalization and customization play a paramount role in driving engagement behaviors. This is all about using the customer data collection and extracting the right customer segments out of it. This, in turn, allows the marketing experts to curate high-quality and tailored ads for each segment.

Video-Content Avalanche is on way

Video content is unarguably one of the most important components amongst the entire digital media marketing domain. Whether it is a long video or a short video, they both are effective at delivering value and a higher engagement rate. In some cases, you might choose to publish static video content to your social feeds. In others, it may be appropriate to post ephemeral video content to facilitate immediate engagement.

Brands also have the option of posting pre-recorded videos or broadcasting live through their social media channels. Coming off the heels of a socially-distant 2020, we’re seeing brands use live video as a go-to method for engaging with their audience — and even as a way to simulate the in-person shopping experience.

Virtual Events overcoming the geographic boundaries

Virtual events are the new norm in the post-pandemic 21st century. While the live events came to an indefinite hold, virtual events gained immense popularity. Nevertheless, it was a major struggle for the first-timers to adjust to this transmission. But once done, the brands were able to distinguish and set themselves apart.

Still, many companies are undergoing this transitioning period and continuing to create numerous opportunities for memorable experiences. This calls for frequent virtual events, dedicated to smaller and focussed groups, personalized and on-demand content, virtual networking, and more flexible options for participation. In doing so, virtual events can increase event registrations, extend the shelf-life of content, provide additional exposure and also reduce the carbon footprints.

Mark your calendars

There are numerous trends on the way, but the above-mentioned ones are the most anticipated ones. This means that the old agencies providing SMM, PPC, and SEO in Dubai, need to revamp their strategies and adopt these trends to satisfy the changing business needs. The change is underway, better stay ahead and fall behind the competition.


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