The first successful watercolor painting starts here

The first successful watercolor painting starts here. Choosing a color palette often means narrowing down your options, studying, and exploring along the...

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The first successful watercolor painting starts here. Choosing a color palette often means narrowing down your options, studying, and exploring along the way. One of the answers to being victorious as a beginning watercolorist is choosing a color set that works. Learn what your palette can be, and then start experimenting. Success is a guarantee because your success is about experimentation and fun, artists! And if you’re waiting for your following action in watercolor, landscape drawing easy from Watercolor Photos and the video download for you. It presents you with knowledge on how to use photographs as a reference to obtain a beautiful painting while avoiding all the problems that artists face when they use the photographs in the wrong way.

Limit your colors, or not

With the wide variety of watercolors free, there is no reason to limit a palette to primary and secondary colors. Taking account of all the changes can save time. On the other hand, experts will sometimes restrict colors to a single painting or discover preferences over time. And these color decisions help determine an artist’s unique style or approach. Buying all the containers of paint is unworkable for a couple of purposes, an artist and a teacher. The palettes have so many openings, and I want to limit my colors to one palette. Also, I don’t need to duplicate paintings that have different names but have very similar colors.

Although I want my colors to cover the color wheel, if I paint flowers, I know that there are pinks and purples in the translucent flower petals that I can’t mix with my base palette. In this case, I will add transparent roses and purple to the palette. If I am going to paint the landscape, I will consider adding more earth tones. I call them specialized palettes because I have modified them based on the theme. Her second suggestion is to keep a friendly and excellent version of each shade. By this, Dressel means that he chooses two one-tone versions tinted with colors that frame him on the color wheel. For example, he chooses a warm orange-yellow and a cool greenish-yellow or a reddish-purple and a bluish purple. It allows it to blend more easily without worrying about blurring the color tones.

Dressel basic palette

Dressel has selected several colors that make up his standard palette. Everyone makes a valuable contribution.

Reds, oranges, and yellows

watercolor painting

Deep Cadmium Red: This medium red tends slightly too yellow, so I consider it warm. I don’t use it like I used to anymore, but I’ll keep using it when painting portraits because it’s a bit opaque. It doesn’t mix well with blue because it contains some yellow. 

Winsor red deep: It is a medium red with a very transparent yellowish tint. It replaced the cadmium red in my palette. 

Permanent Alizarin Crimson: I use Winsor & Newton. It is a slightly bluish red, cold and dark. There was a debate about whether the crimson alizarin was lightfast, so I followed it with the stable account, which is pinker and lighter.

Cadmium Orange: A color that can vary from yellowish orange to a reddish-orange. More often, I mix new leaves with red ones to get my oranges.

Lemon yellow: Lemon yellow is a totally fresh yellow. I’m not crazy about it because it is usually very chalky. I use it when I paint something yellow where I need a more relaxed part, and I don’t want to add green. 

Carolina: I love this yellow. It’s a bright, transparent yellow that I consider a neutral color, which means it blends in with anything. 

Yellow Winsor: It’s very transparent. The color is almost the same as that of aureolin, but it is very intense.

New gamboge: It is a warm color, almost orange-yellow, and very translucent.

Test colors before painting

Not all colors will fit in all Dressel paintings. It is something to be especially aware of in beginner watercolor painting: you don’t need to use all the colors on the palette. Dressel claims that he often limits his colors to create chromatic harmony. Before starting to paint, he tests his limited colors. I choose a triad of primary colors, a specific red, yellow and blue, and then I mix and match them as if we were creating a color wheel. He can choose this triad of colors from his palette or search for colors in his theme to use as a starting point.

I prefer a red, yellow, and blue trio that suits the theme and mixes these colors around the wheel. It shows me the type of oranges, purples, and greens available in that triad. I usually do longer than one, always learning to write down the particular colors in various trio.

Dressel adds: Once I choose a particular original triad, I can look and determine what colors I require to append to that specific palette. So I’ll add a pure orange instead of mixing one. If I’m going to paint many very light areas, I’ll stmany a light triad and integrate it with a darker trio. 

Exercises to get the right trio

I suggest drawing a picture with these shades. Then create a new triad by replacing the blue you have with another blue and repeat the process to see how the color combinations differ. If you usually use French Ultramarine and think you want more transparency, try Winsor Blue. It resembles the same color, but you have to combine it with the other colors to see how the effects change. Finally, Dressel photocopies a 5 x 7-inch sketch, in which he conducts valuable art in ivory black and color education to work out the color balance. He then hangs the one he likes the most on the wall for reference when he works on the final painting.

Doing your studies will save you time in the long run. If I spend 20 minutes thinking about my colors beforehand, it will probably keep me from redoing the whole image later and improve the result. Now that you’ve taken in all these beginner watercolor tips, you can start working on your best painting!

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