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10 indispensable tools for web design in 2021

The universe of  tools is growing. Especially because of the technological advances that lead to the web design emergence of new platforms with innovative functions....

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The universe of  tools is growing. Especially because of the technological advances that lead to the web design emergence of new platforms with innovative functions.

However, for that very reason, it is sometimes difficult to know exactly which is the best web design tool. Or at least, what is the one you need based on your level of knowledge and the page you want to create.

Well, although the main objective of these platforms is to enhance the reach of your brand, give it greater visibility and improve the user experience, there are some that range from simple to advanced. And that, precisely, is what you must differentiate.


Do you want to increase the number of visits to your website? Then opt for a good design, look at which are the best options on the market:


adobe color cc tools web design

It is an ideal web design tool to create a harmonious page in colors . Since this free Adobe application allows you to search and create new color combinations according to the design or style you want to generate.

Best of all, its interface is very easy to use , because you only have to organize the combinations according to their level of popularity. And so you will know which ones have been more successful. Or on the contrary, click on create a new combination if you want a particular style.

And to use this tool, you only have to be registered on the Adobe page. In other words, create a username and password to have access to all the functions of Adobe Color CC.



create web with canva
Its functions are simpler compared to other web design tools, but without a doubt, just as effective. Canva is the flagship platform for creating images, blog headers, and web pages. Considering that it is the first thing your users will see, it has become an essential tool when it comes to harmonizing the design of your website.

In addition, it has also become an ally platform when it comes to creating publications for social networks. And the plus of this tool is that you don’t have to be an expert in graphic design, its interface is very simple, free and online.



create microsite with zeros
If content creation is your main concern at the moment, Ceros is one of the most versatile web design tools, specially designed to create different pieces of content.

So in this powerful software you can easily design different interactive formats, such as infographics, eBooks, banners, microsites, magazines, and much more.


create web with photoshop plugin
Do you like Photoshop? Well Guide Guide is an extension of this Adobe tool. It is a simple and very fast platform when creating the sections of your website.

In short, it has become an essential plugin, especially because of the guides it includes to identify ideal web designs for each type of page. Therefore, chances are that when you use it for the first time, its functions will catch you and you will not want to stop using it.


design web with mockflow
In just a matter of minutes, Mockflow allows you to design and assemble a web prototype . This free and simple online platform is perfectly adapted to different platforms. That is, Android, iPhone, WordPress, among others. And best of all, being intuitive it becomes much easier to use.

However, its free version only allows you to create a project with 4 pages. But you can download them in a variety of formats and delete them when you don’t need them.


typography for web design
Typography is a fundamental aspect in web design and development . So this platform allows you to work with more than 5,000 typographic fonts. Among those, Typekit, and Google Web Fonts, all in the same control panel where you can configure them as you prefer.

This platform is ideal for customizing your website with the same type of typography. And the best thing is that your users will see the same typographic aspect as you, since Typecast gives you the CSS code.

* Since January 2018 the platform no longer provides technical support, but we leave it as recommended because it is a very interesting design tool.


design web with figma
And when it comes to intuitive web design tools, Figma has become popular for its ease of working. Its main advantage is that you can configure the design of your website completely online, and automatically store the changes in the cloud.

In addition, it integrates a library of Materialize elements, so its simple and effective design will allow you to create a responsive page.


create web with marvel

It is one of the broadest prototype platforms in web design. One of its main functions is that as it is a collaborative tool, you will be able to chat with your colleagues within the same application while they design the page.

In addition, the plus of this platform is that it allows you to load designs from Photoshop, making them ideal for the web, as well as for mobile platforms. And in fact, it gives you the CSS code you need to layout without problems.


design web with invision
InVision is one of the tools that allows you to make your designs (previously made), 100% navigable. So it brings you closer to what your website would be when you finish the process, by integrating animations and transitions to provide more realism.

Likewise, it is a fully collaborative platform, so in real time, more than one person can work on the project. And in fact, they can leave comments and annotations. This becomes essential when you provide web development services and you want your client to approve the progress.


sublime text creator webs
And finally, this is one of the most advanced web design tools on the market. Especially if you have enough developer knowledge and want to create your website with a more professional language. That is, through specific tags and programming (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

Sublime Text is a lightweight and intuitive code editor with a variety of options and functions to further customize your website. In short, this is one of the great web design platforms that currently exists on the market.

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