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What is a NOC? The NOC, pronounced “Knock”, is an abbreviation of the Network Operations Center, which can be considered the command...

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What is a NOC?

The NOC, pronounced “Knock”, is an abbreviation of the Network Operations Center, which can be considered the command centre for MSPs and system administrators. NOC provides a central location where technicians can monitor, monitor and manage the company’s IT network and infrastructure 24 hours a day to ensure access to critical business services. It serves as a network troubleshooting, information and performance monitoring centre and is usually provided by experts due to the resources required by an outside company.

Not to be confused with the NOC and IT Help Desk. The Help Desk is a call centre designed to assist end-users who are experiencing active issues with their service. End users also know that there is a problem. Of course, unlike the help desk, the end-user never needs to know that there is a NOC. NOC technicians only interact with MSP technicians, creating a user experience in which MSP provides fast troubleshooting with high-quality support and unlimited resources.

The NOC should also not be confused with the Security Operations Center (SOC). Although there is some overlap between these, the two centres have very different approaches. While NOC and SOC work with MSP to resolve IT issues, NOC focuses on remotely monitoring and managing customers’ IT networks to maximize customer time. SOC, on the other hand, is more security-oriented and only monitors the operating network due to security vulnerabilities, attack vectors and threats.

How does NOC software help MSPs?   

NOC software is designed to help MSPs control networks that can be managed without having to do everything manually, making it the perfect partner for remote management functions and software. Once full network information is entered into the Network Operations Center is monitoring software, it continuously monitors the many different contents of your managed networks.

NOC software offers several benefits beyond continuous network monitoring. Because the NOC network serves as a central command centre for support-related activities, MSPs only need to communicate with a single tool to deliver high-quality services to their customers. They can install, upgrade and fix all the networked devices they run, manage managed patches and antivirus support across all applications, and manage firewalls without switching between different tools.

Also, NOC software can help solve the problem; It is perfect for analyzing suspicious activity and detecting external threats before they cause damage to the operating network. MOCs can use data collected from the NOC’s ongoing monitoring to generate detailed reports on network performance and then use this to create performance baselines that facilitate detection when performance changes. These reports can be used to guide future network optimization efforts.

Key features of NOC Software

NOC is required for larger MSPs or MSPs managing complex networks. If you are planning an in-house NOC, choosing the right solution to meet your business needs can be difficult. We recommend choosing NOC software that offers one of the following crystal features:

Fast Remote Access: Selected NOC software should offer full functionality from anywhere and allow fast remote access. Also, ensure that remote sessions initiated by NOC are securely connected and have limited bandwidth.

Ultimate Visibility: Make sure the NOC app you’re reviewing can easily (and automatically) detect all elements of your managed network, including incoming and outgoing devices. The NOC should also be able to provide detailed information on these elements.

Automatic Patch Management: Let your NOC program handle patches so your users’ devices and software can be updated without the responsibility of manually installing them.

Powerful Alert System: Alert is important when it comes to using NOC software to optimize network performance. Find a solution with a powerful yet configurable alert system to avoid major developments.

Strong web protection: For complete protection, it is important not to forget about web-based threats. Your NOC solution should include a wide range of web protection against malware, adware, botnets and phishing. You should also be able to create blocklists and personal permission lists for full control.

Advanced Managed Antivirus: Advanced antivirus software must be enabled with the right NOC software so you can easily and automatically protect managed networks from known and new threats.

What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

The SOC of the organization is responsible for protecting the organization from cyber threats. SOC analysts authorize business assets to prevent attacks and security to identify and respond to an event when it occurs. Corporate SOC in accordance with SOC is offered as a home or third party service model.

Which Is Better: a NOC or SOC?

NOC vs. SOC is not a “both” option. Nothing is worse than the other, and companies need to maintain both normal business operations.

The NOC is responsible for ensuring that business infrastructure supports business operations and that the AOC has a responsibility to protect the organization from cyber threats that may interfere with this activity. NOC and SOC roles are complementary, and they focus on networks and protect against various potential risks to business performance.

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