What is AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) and Benefits of AWS S3?

What is AWS S3? Amazon S3 or AWS S3 is the Simple Storage Service by Amazon that allows you to store the...

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What is AWS S3

What is AWS S3?

Amazon S3 or AWS S3 is the Simple Storage Service by Amazon that allows you to store the object data that includes scalability, data availability, security, and performance. The Simple Storage Service is abbreviated as S3 and thus the name AWS S3. AWS S3 is powered by Amazon Web Services, allowing customers to store and protect any amount of data. It works for all industries irrespective of the size or type of business. The use cases of AWS S3 include data lakes, websites, mobile applications, backup, restoration, archiving, enterprise applications, Internet of Things devices, and big data analytics.

AWS S3 is developed with a motive to allow you to access easy-to-use management features. It allows you to organize the data and configure finely-tuned access controls to meet the demands of your business, organization, and compliance. AWS S3 is designed to deliver 99.99% of durability and aid you with an outstanding experience. Further, it stores the data of millions of companies from across the world without affecting its security and privacy.


Benefits of AWS S3

The underlying pointers describe the benefits and features of AWS S3 in detail.

  • Performance and Durability: You can now scale up and scale down your storage resources to meet the fluctuating market demands without any upfront investment and resource procurement cycles. AWS S3 is designed with 99.99% durability that allows you to store your data across different systems automatically without any complexities. It creates and stores multiple copies of your data over different platforms and allows you to easily access the same. Also, your data is free from all types of failures, errors, and threats. It also delivers read after write consistency at no cost and without changing the performance or availability automatically.
  • Cost-Effective storage classes: You can now save a lot of expenses on storage classes with the help of AWS S3 storage classes. You can opt for the most flexible data class that suits all your needs without sacrificing the performance or quality of storage. Get access to all these features at low-cost data storage classes that allow you to access different levels of data storage at corresponding rates. S3 storage class analysis feature in AWS S3 allows you to discover the data stored in the lower storage class based on the accessing pattern. It further adds to saving of cost and efforts. If the product access is constantly changing or has an unknown pattern, you can add it to S3 Intelligent Tiering. It works based on the study of the unknown patterns and automatically delivers cost-saving.
  • Unmatched Security: You can store your data in AWS S3 and secure it from unauthorized access. You can do this by accessing encrypting features and access management tools. No other public storage system allows you to block public access to all your objects in the bucket. Only S3 has this feature which makes it stand out. Further, it maintains the compliance programs that help you meet all the regulatory requirements. S3 works together with Amazon Macie to discover your sensitive data and give it the necessary protection. AWS supports auditing capabilities of numerous types that help monitor the access requests to your S3 resources.
  • Easier Data Management and Access: You will gain strong abilities to manage access, cost, replication, and data protection. With the help of specific permissions for your applications, S3 makes it easy to manage data access. S3 allows the data replication within the region or to other regions. AWS S3 Multi-Region access points can speed up the performance by up to 60% when accessing the data sets. These data sets are replicated through different AWS regions. It helps manage the large-scale changes across the billions of storage objects. S3 works with AWS Lambda, allowing you to log activities, define alerts and automate workflows without managing additional infrastructure.
  • Query-in-place: S3 objects can access big data analytics with the help of Query-in-place services. You can use S3 Select to retrieve subsets of object data instead of the entire object and improve the performance by up to 400%. You can add your code to the S3 request to modify and process data when returned to an application. It filters certain rows, resizes images, redacts confidential data, or modifies the data. Your custom code will eliminate the chances of creating and storing derivative copies of the data and require no application changes.

In the concluding terms, AWS S3 is the new phase in the future of data storage technology. Its features and technology access are gaining prominence and are expected to grow more. It can be accessed through different platforms, making it quite flexible without losing the durability terms. Learn AWS Cloud in detail with industry experts at AWS Training in Noida at 3RI Technologies.


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