What is the Best System Cleaner for Your Android Phone?

Android smartphones these days have evolved a lot with advanced features and upgraded configurations. You can find up to 32 GB of...

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Android smartphones these days have evolved a lot with advanced features and upgraded configurations. You can find up to 32 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage capacity with phones loaded up with 108 MP cameras. With such great configurations, it’s rare that a device can ever be slow. If you max out the device capacity, you will definitely experience some performance issues.

It is important to perform a regular checkup on your Android device to ensure swift functionality. Manual cleanup may not free up a lot of space on your Android. You can make use of the best Android cleaner apps to clear unwanted clutter and boot Android performance. Let’s try quick fixes before you install Smart Phone Cleaner for Android.

Clear Junk Files

The first step to cleaning junk files is to run the inbuilt optimizer on Android. You can access the inbuilt optimizer with the following steps.

Step 1. Tap on the Settings icon and select Device Care from the list.

Step 2. Let it optimize or tap on the Optimize Now button to scan for different categories of files.

Step 3. It will scan and optimize the RAM and storage. Tap on Memory and then tap on the Clean Now button to remove unwanted clutter from the memory. You can also tap on the Storage option to scan and check different files on the storage that can be cleared.

Remove Duplicate Media Files

Media Files take up a lot of space in the storage. You can clear media files manually or with the help of the best Android cleaner apps. The manual process is also simple to clear Android with the help of Google Files.

Step 1. Tap on the Google icon and select Google Files. If it is not available in the Google folder, you can download Google Files from the Google Play Store.

Step 2. Let it scan and categorize all the media files on your Android. It will list out different tiles like junk files, duplicate files, old screenshots, blurry media, downloaded files, large files, call recordings, etc.

Step 3. Tap on the Select Files arrow on each tile one by one and start the cleanup process.

Step 4. Select all the unwanted files and tap on the ‘Move File to Bin’ button at the bottom.

Step 5. All the files will be sent to the Bin. Tap the three horizontal bars on the top left and select the Bin folder. Select all files in the Bin and tap on the Delete button at the bottom.

Uninstall Old Unused Apps

There are apps that you have not used for months. These apps may take up a large space on your storage and may utilize your Android resources resulting in slow performance. You can find and uninstall unwanted apps from your Android in a few easy steps.

Step 1. Access the Settings window on Android and tap on the Apps option.

Step 2. Scroll through all the apps or sort apps by size to bring all the heavy apps on top.

Step 3. Tap on the app you have not used for months and then tap on the uninstall button at the bottom. If you don’t want to uninstall the app, you can also try and clear the storage files occupied by the app.

Use a Smartphone Cleaner Apps

There are hundreds of Android cleaner apps available over the Google Play Store. If you can’t follow these steps on a weekly basis, you will need to automate the process. When I wanted to figure out how to clean my Android phone, I chose one of the best Android cleaner apps as I newly shifted from iOS to Android. Here is the best Android cleaner app we discovered after testing, comparing and reviewing the Best Free Android Cleaner Apps to Speed up Performance.

Smart Phone Cleaner by Systweak

OS Compatibility: Android 4.1+

Size: 18 MB

Last Updated: 18th Sept 2022

Downloads: 1 million+ downloads

Download Link: Get it Here

Smart phone Cleaner is one of the best Android cleaner apps that you can install on your smartphone to perform regular cleanup and optimization without any human interface. This offers a one-tap booster to clean and take overall good care of your Android.

It is a bundle pack to clean junk files, save battery, offer anti-malware services, manage WhatsApp files, manage other media files and duplicates, offer an inbuilt private browser, and game booster all clubbed in a single app. Software can free up space on your Android storage and boost Android performance with a one-tap solution.

Final Words

This article on the best system cleaner for Android has the first few basic steps to clean and optimize Android devices. If you have high usage on your Android and you are unaware of how to clean your Android phone, you can make use of the best Android cleaner. Smart Phone Cleaner app by Systweak has the best-in-class features to keep your Android clutter-free. Keep it clean!

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