What You Need to Know About Istanbul International Model United Nations

The Istanbul International Model United Nations is an event that is taking place in Turkey, Istanbul. It is one of the largest...

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Model united nations

The Istanbul International Model United Nations is an event that is taking place in Turkey, Istanbul. It is one of the largest international model united nations conferences in Europe and is attended by hundreds of students from all around the world. The aim of this conference is to encourage critical thinking skills among youth through the debate on current international issues.

Istanbul is a city located in western Turkey. It is one of the largest cities in the world and is very well known for its historical sites, beautiful shopping districts as well as being home to some of Europe’s most popular nightlife spots. Turkey has always been a popular tourist destination and is becoming more and more visited by foreign tourists each year. Turkey has always been known for its friendly people and is also a very affordable destination for tourists. The cost of living in Turkey is much lower than the costs in many other European countries, which is why it is such a great place to visit!

Things to do in Istanbul when the conference is over

IIMUN is an event that will take place from January 06th-09th in Istanbul, Turkey at Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus. This conference attracts hundreds of students each year who come together to discuss international issues through a simulated Model United Nations General Assembly meeting. In this students will be assigned a country and are required to research that nation’s stance on certain topics as well as their historical background.

After the conference is over, students can visit several tourist attractions such as Hagia Sofia (which is one of the world’s greatest buildings), Blue Mosque, Grand bazaar which is one of Europe’s largest indoor markets, etc, all located in Istanbul! The city has a very rich culture and is full of history. This makes it an interesting place for people who love discovering new places with lots to offer at every corner. Not only this, but you will also get to taste the delicious Turkish food which is full of rich flavours. Turkey is known for its great food. For example, in Istanbul, you will have the chance to taste different flavours of traditional Turkish food. You can also enjoy many other activities such as go-karting, paintball or even discotheque!

How to get the most out of your Experience

The interesting thing is that this is not only a conference but it is an opportunity for people from all over the world to get together and expand their horizons outside of school by learning about new cultures while having fun with friends at the same time. MUN is designed around discussion panels where students learn how to argue effectively both persuasively and logically within assigned committees under strict rules set out by each committee chair.

This will be a great opportunity for students who are interested in international affairs to get involved in this. If you are looking forward to expanding your future career into international relations and diplomacy, then Istanbul international mun is a great opportunity where participants can discuss global issues such as climate change, human rights violations, or sustainable development goals in order to find potential solutions by working with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

What does the conference’s agenda look like

The committees that be included are SOCHUM, UNSC, ECOSOC, DISEC, WHO, as well as UNHRC. This time around there won’t be any subcommittees but a special format called ‘comprehensive debate’. In this type of debate, participants have to focus exclusively on one topic all throughout their speeches without breaking it down into different topics/subtopics as they do normally at conferences or other events.

We are bringing in 40 countries from all over the world to IIMUN. This year is the first time it is organized by our association, but this is not something new for us! We have already had experience organizing international conferences and we are ready to show you what we can do. You will be able to meet people from different countries who speak many languages and share their culture through food, games, or other activities with them. Are you ready for such an enthralling experience of a lifetime?

Istanbul is a great place to visit in the summer. It is famous for its culture, music, and cuisine – but it is also rich in history! There are many interesting places to go see when you come here such as The Grand Bazaar or Topkapi Palace. We will organize trips to these places so that you can experience something unique during your stay in Istanbul which is full of events like this (IIMUN).


In conclusion, this Model United Nations event is not something you want to miss out on if you love international affairs or wants more information about Turkey! You should definitely consider registering right now. So what are you waiting for?

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