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Which is the best football streaming site in 2022?

With the Internet, everything is possible, starting with watching a football match live, but beware, in the jungle of free streaming football,...

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best football streaming site

With the Internet, everything is possible, starting with watching a football match live, but beware, in the jungle of free streaming football, there is something to get a little lost. If you are looking for a site to watch soccer matches, you have come to the right place. Not only do I have a complete list for you of the best football streaming sites to satisfy your need for living, summaries, results and statistics, but on top of that, I have some good safety advice for you. navigate in this environment.

Difficulties in watching a football match live

You have no doubt noticed that the offer in terms of streaming football matches is growing, so much so that we no longer know where to find ourselves or subscribe to all the television channels that broadcast the biggest championships. Watching Champions League games shouldn’t be that complicated and cost that many euros per month. Especially when you know a site to watch football matches.

Indeed, if you take subscriptions to all the channels that broadcast football matches such as beIN Sports, Canal Plus, Eurosport, RMC Sport, etc., the bill will be very steep, it has a real cost in streaming football. This is why I have the idea to offer you a list of the best free football streaming sites to avoid spending your money unnecessarily on various subscriptions to watch live football matches.

Rather than having to subscribe to multiple channels, all you need to do is purchase a VPN like ExpressVPN to be able to enjoy free live football over the internet on any football streaming site.

The best free football streaming sites in 2022 for live matches

Ready to watch a soccer match live on a soccer streaming site? No, because I’m as direct as a goal from Cissé. If you like live football streaming, this is the place to click! Choose one of the following sites to watch soccer matches.

Live TV

If there is a beautiful meeting in prospect, it is on Live TV that you will find it. Broadcasting football matches live is his speciality, but there are also other sports and archives in this essential site among the best football streaming sites.

This great football streaming site indeed offers spectacular content, with both live and legendary matches available in the replay. You can then follow the news of the world of football, or immerse yourself in a moment of nostalgia by reviewing all the matches of the golden age of your favourite team.

Here, open the site to watch soccer matches, click on the link that interests you and let’s go! Why make it complicated when it can be simple? Live TV understands this formula and applies it wonderfully on its site. So make yourself comfortable on your sofa, start streaming the match that tempts you and enjoys a good time with friends or alone.

Sport Lemon

A good English streaming sports site that offers many links from French-speaking channels, it’s good to know.

There you will directly find a list with all the matches in progress which you can watch directly. Just click on the link in front of the match you’re interested in and boom! The video is ready, all you have to do is relax.

Very easy to use, which makes it a better soccer streaming site. But Sport Lemon is not limited to that since it also offers the broadcasting of basketball, hockey, tennis, American football, boxing and other matches. In short, you want to watch a match, regardless of the sport, it’s on this football streaming site!

mlb streams bilasport

So there, the streaming football links are in English, but on the other hand, the offer is so endless that I can not mention it. It’s very simple, if there is a sporting event going on in the world at the moment (for popular sports), you have every chance to find it on this site to watch soccer matches!

Once again, here you will have the choice between an endless number of different sports, ranging of course from football to Moto GP. Want to watch a game now? So click on the site link, choose the match that interests you and let’s go.

The only aspect of this site for watching football matches that bothers me is the interface which seems a little simplistic to me. But as long as she’s doing the job, no reason to complain!

Soccer Streams Club

A quality American site. Be careful, if you see links in French, beware, it’s suspicious, because everything must be in English.

This page is one of the best free football streaming sites because it specializes in this sport and only offers this kind of content. So, no need to go there if you want to see something other than football!

Once again, the interface could benefit from being more readable, so that you can directly find the match that interests you. But it’s already great to have a site to watch football matches of this quality, all for free. Take it or leave it.


Streaming Sport TV

If I piss you off with my best English-speaking free football streaming sites, take this regularly updated site, these are only links in French. But beware, be warned that the interface is once again difficult to decipher.

By cons, content level (if you do not limit the appearance of the site itself), you will not be disappointed. There is enough to spend beer evenings with friends… Even sleepless nights!

I recommend this site to watch football matches in French. If you don’t mind English for comments, you will find it easier to find what you are looking for on the other sites that I have presented to you, which are more complete. But I know that comments in football are very important, that’s why I’m making you happy with this little French-speaking football streaming site!


Among other sports, this football streaming site offers football, you will easily find the main matches. In addition, there is a beautiful interface well done. Here you have real menus that will help you find what you are looking for faster.

On the other hand, it’s still English-speaking content (don’t hate me too much…). But don’t let that scare you, especially when you consider that this is one of the best free football streaming sites out there. Why deprive yourself of all this content when you can have access to it without having to spend a single euro? And if you’re not happy, go complain to the arbiter!

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