Why are my screenshots blurry and of bad quality?

Ever wondered why your screenshots are blurry or have bad quality? This article discusses the major reasons why your screenshots are bad...

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Why are my screenshots blurry and of bad quality?

Ever wondered why your screenshots are blurry or have bad quality? This article discusses the major reasons why your screenshots are bad quality and blurry and the ways to get a clear and crisp screenshot. 

Your work should be challenging, challenging, but not the screenshots of them. Learn how to capture crisp and detailed screenshots with no effort. This article will emphasize the easy tips and hacks you should follow to get the perfect screenshot either manually or with the best snipping tools

Basic Rules One Need To Learn While Capturing A High-Quality Screenshot:

Let’s go through the below-mentioned steps and make sure that our screenshots are not blurry and look the best:

  • Format: Always choose PNG or JPEG when you save your screenshots while JPEG is a compressed file format, PNG offers lossless compression and hence the text and the lines are crisper and clearly visible.
  • Size: While taking the screenshot, always make sure that you fill the entire screen with the window from which you intend to take the screenshot. You can simply click on Control + Plus and maximize it so that it fits on the whole screen.
  • Cursor: A necessary point to remember while taking the screenshot is that the cursor of the mouse should never be visible in the screenshots. The best way to achieve it is by using a screenshot app that can easily convert the cursor into a frame drawing tool. Doing so will remove the cursor from the Windows screen.
  • Editing: One major point to remember is not to scale. The image is too much after the screenshot has been taken.

One of the main reasons why your screenshots are of bad quality or blurry is due to the display scaling and clear type test. Let’s see how to make a perfect screenshot manually on a PC. 

In order to resolve why my screenshots are blurry, you can go ahead and follow these simple steps on your Windows PC to get a higher resolution screenshot. For this, 

  • Go to Start and then navigate to Settings and then System.
  • From the window choose Display.
  • Here click on the Advanced scaling options. From the advanced scaling options, simply toggle the option that says “let Windows try to fix apps, so they are not blurry”.

Tools To Help You Take The Perfect Screenshot:

1. Use Snipping Tool To Capture Screenshots On Windows:

Using the snipping tool one can easily capture screenshots that are not blurry and have high quality. Snipping Tool lets you capture a screenshot and then automatically save the screenshot as an image file. So that the user does not have to save the screenshot manually. Below are the easy steps one can follow to capture screenshots using the snipping tool. 

  • On the Start menu, click the Snipping Tool and launch it.
  • From the toolbar, click on Mode and then click on Full-Screen Snip from the drop-down menu. 
  • Post this click on New and then create a screenshot using your mouse. Once you have done this the screenshot will appear on the Snipping Tool window. 
  • Simply click on File and then Save As to save the screenshot on your computer.

How To Take Screenshots Using The Game Bar:

 If you want to avoid blurry screenshots or bad quality screenshots, using the Game Bar is another feature that can help you take high-quality screenshots to do so.

  •  Start playing a game and press Windows + G simultaneously. 
  • Doing so you will get the game bar overlay. 
  • From the game overlay, click on the camera icon and take a screenshot of the window.
  • Once the screenshot is captured Game Bar automatically saves the screenshot in the videos folder in a subfolder named captures.

How To Resolve Why Are My Screenshots Blurry Or Of Bad Quality Using TweakShot Screen Capture: 

TweakShot Screen Capture by Tweaking Technology is one nifty tool that lets users easily take high-quality screenshots with minimal effort. Using TweakShot Screen Capture, one can easily capture a complete screen or rectangular area, an entire active window as well as take scrolling screenshots of the entire page. 

Not only does this TweakShot Screen Capture also lets users crop, highlight as well as resize the captured screenshot this easily enhances the quality of the screenshot taken.

Major Benefits Of Using TweakShot Screen Capture:

TweakShot Screen Capture has varied benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • Let you capture and create images and videos as well as edit them. 
  • It has different features that let a user capture a complete screen or rectangular area, active windows as well as a scrolling window. 
  • It also offers users the functionality to pick different colors.
  • Screenshots and videos taken are automatically saved. 
  • TweakShot Screen Capture also offers hotkeys to take instant screenshots. 
  • Using this tool, a user can also upload the captured screenshots to the cloud storage.

With these above-mentioned workarounds, you do not have to worry about blurry or bad-quality screenshots anymore. Simply follow the manual steps or use the best snipping tool to capture high-quality screenshots on Windows 10 and make your presentation, and tutorial crisp and of professional quality. 

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