Why dedicated hosting is the perfect choice for your blog?

Dedicated hosting is the perfect – Independent of the niche of a website. Such as whether it is a business website or...

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Dedicated hosting is the perfect – Independent of the niche of a website. Such as whether it is a business website or your blog, a perfect suitable hosting plan is vital to seamless website performance. However, typically, the hosting plan for a blog is often a less attended subject. Which may result in unexpected downtime or cyber-security threats.

Furthermore, one can choose from various options for website hosting. Available such as VPS hosting, shared website hosting, and dedicated web hosting. If you realize the subject’s sensitivity, you must understand that dedicated hosting is the perfect solution for your blog.

Hence, if you are looking for a server that hands you the ultimate power and control over your website. A satisfactory dedicated server would be the best choice. Not only for growing and large business websites, but a dedicated server suits the web and application developers the best.

To guide you through choosing your website hosting partner. We shall be taking a deeper look into the benefits of a dedicated hosting plan in this article.

Digital security

With the ever-increasing numbers of cyber-attacks, and security breaches every year, digital security is and should be the utmost priority. Cyber-attack vulnerability increases if the website is hosted on a shared or cloud-based hosting plan.

Indeed, whatever your website niche is a data breach would be the last thing. You will ever wish for your website. On the other hand. You would take a single DDoS strike to bring all your content and SEO efforts back to zero.

Hence, concerning security, dedicated hosting is the perfect choice for your website. Because you won’t be sharing your resources with any other. Indeed, these neighboring sharing your hosting server can be a malicious website or a spammer. Which may cause a negative impact on your website’s reliability.

Moreover, it adds extra security layers to protect your blog. If you run an ecommerce website accepting cards and payments. Various dedicated hosting offer compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Hence, a satisfactory dedicated server hosting by Navicosoft makes the best option for an ecommerce website.


If you think that you can run a successful blog in the long run without spending a penny on your hosting. You are pretty wrong. For example, you may wish to add infographics, animations. And other unique features to your content to stand out from the crowd.

However, you won’t be able to do it with free hosting. The worst-case scenario with such hosting is that an unseen update comes and shuffle all your content upsides down. No doubt, dedicated hosting is perfect for avoiding such risks.


Besides the security breach, unexpected downtime is the worst thing to expect for your blog. You are all tidied up with your content and SEO practices. However, your server goes down. Consequently, the viewers headed towards your blog to read your articles are met with a server error. Most likely, you will lose on your traffic.

On the other hand a satisfactory dedicated server plan means that you have joined hands with a reliable partner for your blog. Hence, you can easily avoid downtime and build the trust among your readers to come back by choosing the right hosting plan.

Search Engine Optimization

As mentioned above, when you choose a shared website hosting plan, you will most likely be sharing your resources with a spammer, a malicious website, or a website with a bad reputation. In some cases, the traffic coming to these websites may impact your SEO ranking as well.

Hence, if you don’t wish to lose on your SEO efforts, dedicated hosting is the perfect substitute for you. With this, you can enjoy lower latency and higher reliability, boosting your search engine rankings.


A satisfactory dedicated server is bound to optimize your page loading speeds, downtime, and security to ensure a seamless and robust website. For this purpose, dedicated server hosting offers 24/7 customer support in their packages to help the client resolve such issues.

The web hosting agencies dedicate an expert team that keeps monitoring your resources and the website’s performance. Hence, you won’t need any additional in-house technical staff to keep a check.

However, if you already have such a team, you can channel their expertise towards implementing and designing IT strategies. Lastly, dedicated hosting is the perfect choice because it gets you all covered.

Navicosoft provides you with customized dedicated server cheap VPS hosting plans according to your business needs. By getting your services from Navicosoft, you will experience the best resource allocation, privacy and control with a dedicated server plan. We provide you with dedicated servers so that you have full access to configure the server without disturbing other users.

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